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notmIRC installation guide to get up and running

Install node.js
Install npm

Needed to run: npm install npm install express npm install jade npm install ejs npm install coffee-script npm install mongoose npm install forever this one is for running the server in "production"

You need a MongoDB database running.
With OS X: brew install mongodb

Download the source and run it with coffee

Server setup (Ubuntu 10.10)

Starting from a completely bare Ubuntu 10.10 installation I install build essentials and openssl (dependency for Node.js if you want to be able to do SSL). I also install curl and git for use later. apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev curl

Then I install Node.js wget tar -xf node-v0.4.1.tar.gz cd node-v0.4.1 ./configure make sudo make install

When finished with that I shove in npm with the very simple curl | sh

Finally I install MongoDB, the installation page over at says this package might be a bit old and they were right, I got version 1.4.4. But that's good enough for me right now. sudo apt-get install mongodb

And then run the above commands from "Needed to run" to install all the necessary packages.

Everything is installed and ready to go. Let's just set up a nice environment so that the application is always going and we can update easily with git.

First download the source git clone git:// Then because unfortunately forever doesn't support coffeescript we have to compile to js, so go to the notmIRC directory and run

coffee -c

Put this in a file, name it (for example) notmirc

sudo forever start /<path-to-the-app>/server.js

and then do the following sudo mv notmirc /etc/init.d/ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/notmirc sudo update-rc.d notmirc defaults

Now try restaring the server and then check that everything is up and running.