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Sample Haskell application with deploy scripts for AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Shell Haskell
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How to set up this project

  1. Make sure you have the AWS CLI installed and configured with a user that has access to create buckets and configure IAM users.
  2. Create your Elastic Beanstalk application through the web console. This is necessary to create the default service and instance roles that we need to configure later (aws-elasticbeanstalk-ec2-role). It's fine to launch your environment with the sample application to start.
  3. Replace <account-id>, <region>, <repo> and <project> in all the files with your AWS account id (without dashes!), the region you want to run in, what you want to name your ECR repo and what you named your project. This would perhaps be suitable to put into a cookiecutter template or such, but I felt that was a bit overkill.
  4. Run
  5. Add CircleCI integration to your Git repository and under project settings on CircleCI, configure the AWS Permissions to what was generated into the ci-access-key.json file.
  6. Run a CircleCI build and watch it build, test and deploy your application.
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