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2.7.6 (2019-06-16)

Bug Fixes

  • button: center text in fluid & vertically aligned button group (bfd7c84)
  • button,table: move LESS functions out of LESS file and into variables (e3d7eb6), closes #736
  • calendar: support dynamic way to append popup instead of prepending to the parent (1acf30e), closes #699
  • calendar: support JSON dates (2d1ffdc), closes #741
  • dropdown: check for existing observer before accessing it (e7ebb38), closes #784
  • form: remove rule function lead to TypeError (752827e)
  • form: stop propagation only when dirty event was triggered and prevent default action (2b33903), closes #746 #770 #786 atk4/ui#718
  • form: transparent input padding and texarea support (dd561b5), closes #798
  • icon: don't import default theme overrides (c4d5307), closes #763
  • icon: improve default theme overrides import (0bf3ddf), closes #763
  • menu: hover & active state colors on inverted secondary pointing (d34b681), closes #777
  • progress: wrong error on validating total on multiple progress (52bfd66), closes #757
  • slider: non reachable max value and rounding issues (014b7ef), closes #716
  • table: table header on mobile (e09b2ab), closes #787
  • transition: not checking for event object lead to TypeError (0c56c8d), closes #698 #745


  • progress: add indeterminate states (816fbbd)

2.7.5 (2019-05-09)

Bug Fixes

  • breakpoints ignoring next breakpoint in some cases (7ff01e3), closes #567 #567 #681 #681
  • api: module callback function typo (43c2c8b)
  • breadcrumb: increase line height for readability on wrapped content (c7ca707)
  • button: fix padding for compact labeled icon button (488a4dc), closes #361 #598
  • button: group of basic disabled buttons had incorrect styles (7f63e50), closes #643
  • calendar: string selectors for start/endCalendar did not work (9604a02), closes #685
  • calendar: support dateobject given for as for initialDate setting (1a4938a)
  • card: force horizontal cards meta, extra content and actions to align properly (bc1f08b), closes #159 #159
  • card: word-wrap overflowing with long strings (8b75f0f)
  • chore: moved some core css to less files from default overrides and always include default overrides first (2bfe9a5)
  • dimmer: disable blur on popups (f10dd0b)
  • dropdown: click-event was locked when single selection had allowAdditions enabled (ef3057e), closes #591
  • dropdown: correct alignment of image and icons within items (72d3420)
  • dropdown: hide open menus on destroy for correct state reset (c374bcf), closes #653 #654
  • dropdown: inverted pointing menu had white arrow (124625c)
  • dropdown: margin missing on upward dropdown (024f5d4)
  • dropdown: prevent submenu vanish for simple dropdowns (6998edd)
  • form: corrects border radius variable reference (5745cf7), closes #628
  • form: remove unnecessary property '-webkit-appearance: none' with :focus from error field (63cbf2d), closes #576
  • form validation: error when calling "validate form" with API attached (58dafe0)
  • form validation: make sure rules are selecting within the same form (313012d)
  • input: error border didn't change input action border (0aab16f)
  • label: adjust basic ribbon label size and position (9e9cb62), closes #708
  • list: align text in lists with icons (566b363), closes #597
  • menu: additional specificity for secondary inverted menu no longer needed (8917519), closes #366 #672
  • menu: correct floating label position in pointing menu (ddb7695), closes #668
  • menu: correct submenu fix which broke right menus (af98873), closes #632 #632
  • menu: right dropdown sub-menu not being vertical (c571c31), closes #382
  • modal: autofocus shouldn’t focus disabled inputs (fadbc30)
  • modal: dont close dimmer when another modal is still animating (58cf41a)
  • modal: dont wrap image content direct images (5a59ae3)
  • modal: open animation broken on first open (353f90f), closes #542
  • modal: support fixed menu, toast and sidebar to also not move when a modal is shown (aeb3274)
  • modal: use direct sibling for content selector (e4fbb61)
  • popup: support iOS to recognize popup close on touch (c978917)
  • progess: all percents are shown while animation (dba3f1c), closes #707
  • progess: fix timing issue of updating value/percent (fe97fc4)
  • progress: display 0 valued progress bars (a92b8ac)
  • search: undefined internal variable (7b89336)
  • tab: position issue with fixed item size (3b923dd), closes #671
  • table: definition table footer had wrong box-shadow to the left (96b97f3)
  • table: don't break style when nested tables (9760d91)
  • table: selectable rows/cells should have pointing cursor (7742fa3)


  • breadcrumb: add inverted variant (ff6ba2d)
  • calendar: add eventDates support and onSelect handler (1b4a264), closes #674
  • checkbox: vertically align checkbox in fields (dcf3976)
  • divider: add horizontal divider alignment variation (1981277)
  • dropdown: add scrolling support for simple variant (9c8f18f)
  • form: add calendar input field (8152b38)
  • form: add dirty and clean states, and ability to cancel submit (adf5937)
  • icons: update to FA 5.8.2 (6d7b12c), closes #572
  • segment: add fitted variant (f03c4ec), closes #701

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