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v3.0 Road Map

If you want to find out more about v3 we recommend you read the following issues

NOTE: Not all of these features/changes will be shipped with v3 but are on our roadmap unless specified otherwise.

💡 Proposal
In planning phase
🛠 Currently being implemented
🚫 Blocked (progress can't continue until something is done)
Implemented and ready to ship
🛳 Must be done to ship v3
  • ✏ New documentation website 🛳
  • ✏ New build system 🛳
  • ✏ Visual component tests
  • 💡 CI/CD process
  • ✏ Rewrite modules into ES6 with classes 🛳
  • ✏ Move to a monorepo with separate packages 🛳
  • 💡 CLI tool
  • 💡 Theme builder website
  • 💡 Theme/plugin package sharing website
  • ✏ Changing icon implementation from class based to HTML attribute based (data-icon="user") 🛳
  • ✏ Library theming system 🛳
  • ✏ Move from LESS to SASS
  • 💡 v3 to v2 JavaScript pollyfill package

If you think anything is missing please open a pull request and add it.

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