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Repository which will allow launching Jupyter Notebooks via Binder service, with Qgrid functionality
Jupyter Notebook
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Using Qgrid with Binder. Also have Seaborn, VPython, BLAST, and other useful dependencies


This repository allows use of Qgrid with Binder.

Qgrid is an interactive grid for sorting, filtering, and editing DataFrames in Jupyter notebooks, and is described here. This is my fork demonstrating use in Binder and came from here.

Post-Fork Differences

  • After forking the the base qgrid-notebooks example, I added my other favorite dependencies using the environment.yml. (I just noticed even though I didn't list it there, it seems I can also use import ipywidgets as widgets to use widgets in notebooks launched from here. They were probably a depedency of qgrid since that is a widget.)


  • At first I couldn't get commands to handle dependencies conda wouldn't handle, i.e., need pip, placed in postBuild to work even though I made executable and had copied the exact one from the appmode repo, probably because cannot use web interface to deal with an executable since I have since had it work elsewhere if I use git software only. Howver, I found a better solution than I used in my appmode repo for adding the dependencies that conda cannot handle and needs pip install. Learned from here and here that I can add sub-group for pip to the environment.yml and that fixes my issue with vpnotebook, vpython, and matplotlib_venn without need of another file.


There is a repository that I made that allows use of Qgrid and appmode along with the dependencies I favor. It is here. Unfortunately because of the way Github works, I cannot have two forks of the same repository and so it is a mirror of this one before I removed appmode. I removed appmode from this repository because it breaks the use of the technique described by harshil's answer here for hiding all code cells with a toggle button.

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