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Release notes

This release contains a lot of improvements. New Levsha's optimisation algorithm gave better performance. Also now you can use SVG xmlns (see GameOfLifeExample). Starting 0.5 Korolev's client side will be optimised with Google Closure Compiler. Now it reduce size of Korolev's JavaScript to 8kB uncompressed.

As an alternative to Blaze network backend now you can use mature Akka-http. See documentation for details.


  1. Use Levsha 0.5 with xmlns support #156
  2. Indexabilty helper #140
  3. Akka http support #136
  4. Send a text focus event to a DOM element #109


  1. Compress JavaScript using Google Closure Compiler #151
  2. Integration test for Delay #146
  3. Integration test for FormData #145
  4. Integration test for non-blaze server modules #144
  5. Write documentation #17