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An Atom package that shows unsaved changes in active editor
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Atom Unsaved Changes

Plugin installs Package version CircleCI

Shows changes in your active buffer via a panel at the bottom of the editor. Similar to "Show Unsaved Changes" in Sublime Text.



The package is available on the Atom website: atom-unsaved-changes.

Run the following command:

apm install atom-unsaved-changes

Or find the package in SettingsInstall and search for "atom-unsaved-changes"


In Menu, Packages => Atom Unsaved Changes => Show

In context-menu, Atom Unsaved Changes

In Command Palette, type Atom Unsaved Changes

Keybinding, ctrl + alt + u (Mac: cmd + alt + u)

In order to close the panel showing the changes, just press again ctrl + alt + u.

Adds will be shown with a green background, removes with a red background. A few lines of surrounding unchanged text are also shown for context. A yellow line separates hunks.

Note: Compares whitespace. If a line ends with a whitespace a symbol ∅ is appended at the end of the line.


This repository has been forked from unsaved-changes because it was not maintained any more, and in order to correct bugs.

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