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# Dependencies
markdown: kramdown
highlighter: rouge
# Setup
title: Hydeout
tagline: 'A Jekyll theme'
description: 'The <a href="" target="_blank">Hyde</a> theme for <a href="" target="_blank">Jekyll</a>, refreshed.'
baseurl: '/hydeout'
# the optional subpath of your site, e.g. "/blog"
# NB: This applies to all pages in your Jekyll site.
# If you want to move just the blog index pages but keep
# other pages at root, see the paginate_path and
# sidebar_blog_link below.
name: 'Andrew Fong'
paginate: 5
# paginate_path: '/page:num'
# Or '/blog/page:num' if you want to move your index pages
- jekyll-feed
- jekyll-gist
- jekyll-paginate
# Sidebar link settings
sidebar_home_link: true
# sidebar_blog_link: '/blog' # By default, your home page is your blog
# page. If you change your paginate_path,
# set this to the root of the paginate_path
# to enable a separate blog link.
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