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import csv
import numpy as np
import pymc
from math import log
radon_csv = csv.reader(open('srrs.csv'))
radon = []
for row in radon_csv:
counties = np.array([x[0] for x in radon])
y = np.array([float(x[1]) for x in radon])
x = np.array([float(x[2]) for x in radon])
## gelman adjustment for log
y = np.log(y)
## groupings
def createCountyIndex(counties):
counties_uniq = sorted(set(counties))
counties_dict = dict()
for i, v in enumerate(counties_uniq):
counties_dict[v] = i
ans = np.empty(len(counties),dtype='int')
for i in range(0,len(counties)):
ans[i] = counties_dict[counties[i]]
return ans
index_c = createCountyIndex(counties)
# Original random effect on intercept
# a = pymc.Normal('a', mu=mu_a, tau=tau_a, value=np.zeros(len(set(counties))))
# Size of truncated DP
N_dp = 50
# Hyperpriors
mu_0 = pymc.Normal('mu_0', mu=0, tau=0.01, value=0)
sig_0 = pymc.Uniform('sig_0', lower=0, upper=100, value=1)
tau_0 = sig_0 ** -2
# Concentration parameter
alpha = pymc.Uniform('alpha', lower=0.3, upper=10)
# Baseline distribution for DP
theta = pymc.Normal('theta', mu=mu_0, tau=tau_0, size=N_dp)
v = pymc.Beta('v', alpha=1, beta=alpha, size=N_dp)
def p(v=v):
""" Calculate Dirichlet probabilities """
# Probabilities from betas
value = [u*[:i]) for i,u in enumerate(v)]
# Enforce sum to unity constraint
value[-1] = 1-sum(value[:-1])
return value
# Expected value of random effect
E_dp = pymc.Lambda('E_dp', lambda p=p, theta=theta: np.inner(p, theta))
z = pymc.Categorical('z', p, size=len(set(counties)))
# Index random effect
a = pymc.Lambda('a', lambda z=z, theta=theta: theta[z])
b = pymc.Normal('b', mu=0., tau=0.0001)
sigma_y = pymc.Uniform('sigma_y', lower=0, upper=100)
tau_y = pymc.Lambda('tau_y', lambda s=sigma_y: s**-2)
# Model
def y_hat(a=a,b=b):
return a[index_c] + b*x
# Likelihood
def y_i(value=y, mu=y_hat, tau=tau_y):
return pymc.normal_like(value,mu,tau)