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class TruncatedMetropolis(pymc.Metropolis):
def __init__(self, stochastic, low_bound, up_bound, *args, **kwargs):
self.low_bound = low_bound
self.up_bound = up_bound
pymc.Metropolis.__init__(self, stochastic, *args, **kwargs)
# Propose method generates proposal values
def propose(self):
tau = 1./(self.adaptive_scale_factor * self.proposal_sd)**2
self.stochastic.value = \
pymc.rtruncnorm(self.stochastic.value, tau, self.low_bound, self.up_bound)
# Hastings factor method accounts for asymmetric proposal distribution
def hastings_factor(self):
tau = 1./(self.adaptive_scale_factor * self.proposal_sd)**2
cur_val = self.stochastic.value
last_val = self.stochastic.last_value
lp_for = pymc.truncnorm_like(cur_val, last_val, tau, \
self.low_bound, self.up_bound)
lp_bak = pymc.truncnorm_like(last_val, cur_val, tau, \
self.low_bound, self.up_bound)
if self.verbose > 1:
print self._id + ': Hastings factor %f'%(lp_bak - lp_for)
return lp_bak - lp_for
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