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The open-source alternative to Twilio.

Hey, this is us

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We are building Fonoster in the open. We've been doing this since October 2020. Since then we pushed over 5 thousand commits, opened over 130 issues, submitted roughly +200 pull requests across 32 repositories 🤯.

Built by the community

The open-source community is the 💗 heart of Fonoster and fundamental to how we build software today.

Are you contributing to Fonoster? Yes? Okay, you rock! 🎸 If not, we can help you get started! Open-source software is made by people just like you. Learn more about how to contribute.


You can contribute to the tools 🔧 you rely on from Fonoster. Here is a list of the top projects to contribute to:

  • Fonoster - The primary repo for Fonoster's ecosystem
  • Routr - The heart of our VoIP Network
  • Rox AI - A connector for your Dialogflow Agents
  • A Marketplace of Integrations - A place to find the integrations and VoIP providers that suit you, so you can use them in your Voice Applications

Become a sponsor

Help us get to our monthly goal. Currently => ▮▮▮▮▯ 85%

If you are planning on using Fonoster a monthly contribution would mean a lot. On its own, open-source doesn't pay the bills. Hopefully, continuing our work can be sustainable with your help.

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