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Routr: Next-generation SIP Server 🚀
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Routr – a lightweight sip proxy, location server, and registrar that provides a reliable and scalable SIP infrastructure for telephony carriers, communication service providers, and integrators. It also provides with capabilities that are suitable for the enterprise and personal needs. To get involved in the development of this project please contact us at @fonoster.



Routr's main features are:

  • Typical SIP Server functions; Proxy, Registrar, Location Service
  • Multi-Tenant/Multi-Domain with Domain level Access Control List
  • Transport: TCP, UDP, TLS, WebSocket
  • Currently supports Redis, HTTP Requests, and YAML files as the data source
  • Server management and monitoring with the RESTful API, CLI, and Web Console
  • Configurable routing strategies; Intra-Domain, Domain Ingress, Domain Egress and Peer Egress

To learn more, read the documentation. 📚

Quick Start

There are no special requirements to install and run the server. Just follow this easy steps:

➊ Download the server for your platform

Platform Download
Linux tar.gz
macOS tar.gz
Windows tar.gz, zip

➋ Then extract it:

tar xvfz routr-*.tar.gz
cd routr-*

➌ Run the server using the routr command


Have 10 minutes? Try the interactive tutorial

Open in Cloud Shell

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions, and discussions please use the Github Issues


For contributing, please see the following links:



Copyright (C) 2019 by Fonoster Inc. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).

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