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(in-package :cl-mongo)
(defconstant +max-uint32+ 4294967296 "max + 1 value of unsigned 32 bit integer")
(defconstant +max-uint64+ 18446744073709551616 "max + 1 value of unsigned 64 bit integer")
(defun make-octet-vector(sz &key (init-fill 0) )
(make-array sz :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8) :initial-element 0 :fill-pointer init-fill :adjustable t))
(defun make-fixed-size-octet-vector(sz)
(make-array sz :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8) :fill-pointer 0 :initial-element 0))
;;(append-to-octet-vector (vector-pop source) (vector-push-extend (vector-pop source) target)))
(defun append-to-octet-vector(source target)
(assert (adjustable-array-p target))
;;(format t "~% (~A : ~A)" source target)
(cond ( (< 0 (length source) ) (append-to-octet-vector (vector-pop source) target))
( t target)))
(defun add-to-array(elem arr)
(vector-push-extend elem arr)
;(defun add-octets*(source target)
; (pop-to (nreverse source) target))
(defun add-octets(source target &key (start 0) (from-end 0))
(let ((to (- (length source) start from-end)))
(dotimes (index to)
(vector-push-extend (aref source (+ start index) ) target))
(defun set-octets(start source target)
(dotimes (ind (length source) )
(let ((index (+ start ind)))
(setf (aref target index) (aref source ind))))
(defun to-octet(val size)
(let ((ov (make-fixed-size-octet-vector size)))
(dotimes (position size)
(let ((pos (* 8 position)))
(vector-push (ldb (byte 8 pos) val) ov)))
(defun int32-to-octet(val)
(to-octet val 4))
(defun int64-to-octet(val)
(to-octet val 8))
(defun byte-to-octet(val)
(to-octet val 1))
(defun bool-to-byte(val)
(if (eql t val) 1 0))
(defun to-signed-value (value &key size max-uint )
(cond ( (and (< 0 value) (logbitp size value) ) (- value max-uint) )
( (<= max-uint value) 0)
( t value)))
(defun to-val(vec size)
(let ((value 0))
(dotimes (position size)
(let ((pos (* 8 position)))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 pos) value) (aref vec position))))
(defun octet-to-int32 (vec)
(to-signed-value (to-val vec 4) :size 31 :max-uint +max-uint32+))
(defun octet-to-int64 (vec)
(to-signed-value (to-val vec 8) :size 63 :max-uint +max-uint64+))
(defun octet-to-uint64 (vec)
(to-val vec 8) )
(defun octet-to-byte (vec)
(to-val vec 1))
(defun byte-to-bool (val)
(if (eql 1 val) t nil))
;; s/b macro
(defun string-to-null-terminated-octet(str)
(babel:string-to-octets (concatenate 'string str (string #\null))))
(defun null-terminated-octet-to-string (arr length)
(babel:octets-to-string (subseq arr 0 (- length 1))))
(defun add-integer(int32 array)
(assert (integerp int32))
(let ((oct (int32-to-octet int32)))
(append-to-octet-vector oct array)))
;;sb macro
(defun positive(val)
(if (< 0 val) t nil))
(defun to-val.1(vec start size)
(let ((value 0))
(dotimes (position size)
(let ((pos (* 8 position)))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 pos) value) (aref vec (+ start position)))))
(defun octet-to-int32.1 (vec start)
(to-signed-value (to-val.1 vec start 4) :size 31 :max-uint +max-uint32+))
(defun octet-to-int64.1 (vec start)
(to-signed-value (to-val.1 vec start 8) :size 63 :max-uint +max-uint64+))
(defun octet-to-uint64.1 (vec start)
(to-val.1 vec start 8) )
(defun octet-to-byte.1 (vec start)
(to-val.1 vec start 1))
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