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(in-package :cl-mongo)
;; This is intended to be a helper function for key-value pairs..
;; Here's a caveat : (kv "nested" (kv "hello" "again" (kv "678" 678)))
;; will generate ("nested" ("hello" "again")) because kv
;; (kv "hello" "again" (kv "678" 678))) the third argument is ignored.
;; Basically don't use kv to construct nested conses; use list instead.
;; pair -> (string value)
;; value -> atom | cons
;; kv -> pair | list
;; list -> (elem list) | nil
(defstruct (pair
(:conc-name pair-)
(:constructor pair (key value)))
key value)
(defclass kv-container ()
((container :initform (make-array 2 :fill-pointer 0 :adjustable t) :accessor container)))
(defmethod print-object ( (kv-container kv-container) stream)
(format stream "kv-container : ~A " (container kv-container)))
(defun make-kv-container ()
(make-instance 'kv-container ))
(defgeneric kv-container-push (el cont))
(defmethod kv-container-push ( (el t) (kv-container kv-container) )
(vector-push-extend el (container kv-container)))
(defgeneric kv-container-pop (cont))
(defmethod kv-container-pop ( (kv-container kv-container) )
(unless (eql 0 (fill-pointer (container kv-container))) (vector-pop (container kv-container))))
(defgeneric kv-container-length (cont) )
(defmethod kv-container-length ( (kv-container kv-container) )
(length (container kv-container)))
(defgeneric kv-container-aref (cont index ))
(defmethod kv-container-aref ( (index integer) (kv-container kv-container) )
(aref (container kv-container) index ))
(defgeneric kv-container-kv (index cont))
(defmethod kv-container-kv ((index integer) (kv-container kv-container) )
(let (( pair (kv-container-aref index kv-container)))
(values (pair-key pair) (pair-value pair))))
(defgeneric kv-container-add (el container))
(defmethod kv-container-add ( (el pair) (kv-container kv-container) )
(kv-container-push el kv-container)
(defmethod kv-container-add ( (el kv-container) (kv-container kv-container) )
(labels ((add (contb)
(dotimes (index (kv-container-length contb ))
(let ((el (kv-container-aref index contb)))
(when el) (kv-container-push el kv-container)))
(add el)))
(defgeneric kv (a &rest rest)
(:documentation " This a helper function for key-value pairs and sets of key-value pairs.
In a key-value pair like (kv key value) the key has to be a string and the
value something which is serializable.
key-value pairs can be combined using kv as well : (kv (kv key1 val1) (kv key2 val2)).
This combination of key-value pairs is equivalent to a document without a unique id.
The server will assign a unique is if a list of key-value pairs is saved."))
(defmethod kv ( (a (eql nil) ) &rest rest)
(pair nil (car rest)))
;; basically b can be anything with
;; an encoder..
(defmethod kv ( (a string) &rest rest)
(pair a (car rest)))
(defmethod kv ( (a symbol) &rest rest)
(declare (ignore rest))
(pair (string-downcase a) (car rest)))
(defmethod kv ( (kv-container kv-container) &rest rest )
(dolist (el rest)
(when el (kv-container-add el kv-container)))
(defmethod kv ( (a pair) &rest rest)
(let ((kvc (make-kv-container) ))
(kv-container-add a kvc)
(dolist (el rest)
(when el (kv-container-add el kvc)))
;(kv (kv "query" (kv nil nil)) (kv "orderby" (kv "k" 1)))
(defgeneric kv->doc ( kv )
(:documentation "turn a pair of key/value pairs into a document"))
(defmethod kv->doc ( (kv pair) )
(let ((doc (make-document)))
(add-element (pair-key kv) (pair-value kv) doc)))
(defmethod kv->doc ( (kv-container kv-container) )
(let ((doc (make-document)))
(dotimes (index (kv-container-length kv-container))
(let ((kv (kv-container-aref index kv-container)))
(add-element (pair-key kv) (pair-value kv) doc)))
(defmethod kv->doc ( (kv hash-table) )
(ht->document kv))
(defgeneric kv->ht ( kv )
(:documentation "turn a pair of key/value pairs into a hash table"))
(defmethod kv->ht ( (kv pair) )
(let ((ht (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(setf (gethash (pair-key kv) ht) (pair-value kv))
(defmethod kv->ht ( (kv hash-table) )
(defmethod kv->ht ( (kv-container kv-container) )
(elements (kv->doc kv-container)))
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