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(in-package :cl-mongo)
(defconstant +default-array-size+ 100 "size of default array in the encoder")
(defconstant +bson-data-number+ 1 "bson number encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-string+ 2 "bson string encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-object+ 3 "bson data array; bson object")
(defconstant +bson-data-array+ 4 "bson array")
(defconstant +bson-data-binary+ 5 "bson binary")
(defconstant +bson-data-undefined+ 6 "undefined/deprecated")
(defconstant +bson-data-oid+ 7 "bson oid encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-boolean+ 8 "bson boolean encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-date+ 9 "bson date encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-null+ 10 "bson null encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-regex+ 11 "bson regex encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-dbpointer+ 12 "bson db pointer encoding/deprecated")
(defconstant +bson-data-code+ 13 "bson code encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-symbol+ 14 "bson symbol encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-code_w_s+ 15 "bson javascript with scope")
(defconstant +bson-data-int32+ 16 "bson 32 bit int encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-timestamp+ 17 "bson 32 bit int encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-long+ 18 "bson 64 bit int encoding")
(defconstant +bson-data-min-key+ 255 "bson data ultimate minimum")
(defconstant +bson-data-max-key+ 127 "bson data ultimate maximum")
bson-encode encodes a complete bson object.
It includes the obj_size at the start and the terminating null at the end.
When creating composites these need to be skipped or removed..
(defun set-array-length(array &key (start 0 start-supplied-p))
(let* ((head (if start-supplied-p start (fill-pointer array)))) ; save the stack pointer
(set-octets head (int32-to-octet (- (length array) head)) array))) ; set length
(defun null-terminate-array(array)
(add-octets (byte-to-octet 0) array)) ; ending nul
(defgeneric bson-encode(key value &key)
(:documentation "encode a bson data element"))
(defun bson-encode-array (key &key array type encoder)
(let* ((head (fill-pointer array))) ; save the stack pointer
(add-octets (int32-to-octet 0) array) ; length, set to zero
(add-octets (byte-to-octet type) array) ; data element code
(add-octets (string-to-null-terminated-octet key) array) ; key
(funcall encoder array) ; call type specific encoder
(add-octets (byte-to-octet 0) array) ; ending nul
(set-octets head (int32-to-octet (- (length array) head)) array) ; set length
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value t) &key array type encoder)
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type type :encoder encoder))
;;; empty object
(defmethod bson-encode((key (eql nil)) (value (eql nil)) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(add-octets (int32-to-octet 0) array) ; length, set to zero
(add-octets (byte-to-octet 0) array) ; ending nul
(set-octets 0 (int32-to-octet (length array)) array) ; set length
;;used in arrays, so you can just say (bson-encode 1 ...)
(defmethod bson-encode ((key integer) value &key)
(bson-encode (format nil "~A" key) value))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value bson-binary-base) &key (array nil) (type +bson-data-binary+))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
;; length of the data array
(add-octets (int32-to-octet (length (data value))) array)
(add-octets (byte-to-octet (type-id value)) array)
(add-octets (data value) array)))
(call-next-method key value :array array :type type :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value bson-binary) &key (array nil) (type +bson-data-binary+))
"the ordinary binary type as some structure in that the length of the binary array is encoded"
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(add-octets (int32-to-octet (+ 4 (length (data value)))) array)
(add-octets (byte-to-octet (type-id value)) array)
(add-octets (int32-to-octet (length (data value))) array)
(add-octets (data value) array)))
(bson-encode key value :array array :type type :encoder #'encode-value))))
; The array type is the parent class of other types like string. So see if a type and encoder is
; passed in and pass it along..
(defmethod bson-encode((key string) (value array) &key (array nil) (type nil) (encoder nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(add-octets value array))) ; add value
(call-next-method key value :array array :type (or type +bson-data-object+) :encoder (or encoder #'encode-value)))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value (eql t)) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(add-octets (byte-to-octet (bool-to-byte value)) array))) ; add value
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-boolean+ :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value (eql nil)) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-null+ :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode((key string) (value bson-time) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-date(array)
(add-octets (int64-to-octet (raw value)) array))) ; value converted to 64 bits
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-date+ :encoder #'encode-date))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value bson-code) &key (array nil))
(bson-encode key (code value) :array array :type +bson-data-code+))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value symbol) &key (array nil))
(bson-encode key (string value) :array array :type +bson-data-symbol+))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value bson-oid) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(add-octets (_id value) array))) ; twelf byte oid
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-oid+ :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value string) &key (array nil) (type +bson-data-string+))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(let ((enc-val (string-to-null-terminated-octet value)))
;; length of the value string
(add-octets (int32-to-octet (length enc-val)) array)
;; value string, null terminated
(add-octets enc-val array))))
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type type :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode((key string) (value integer) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value32(array)
(add-octets (int32-to-octet value) array)) ; value converted to 32 bits
(add-octets (int64-to-octet value) array))) ; value converted to 64 bits
(if (> 32 (integer-length value))
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-int32+ :encoder #'encode-value32)
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-long+ :encoder #'encode-value64)))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value float) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value(array)
(add-octets (int64-to-octet (encode-double-float-bits value)) array))) ;convert float to octet
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-number+ :encoder #'encode-value))))
(defmethod bson-encode ((key string) (value bson-regex) &key (array nil))
(let ((array (or array (make-octet-vector +default-array-size+))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
;; regex string, null terminated
(add-octets (string-to-null-terminated-octet (regex value)) array)
;; options string, null terminated
(add-octets (string-to-null-terminated-octet (options value)) array)))
(bson-encode-array key :array array :type +bson-data-regex+ :encoder #'encode-value))))
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