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graph algorithms in c++
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graph-repl implements graph algorithms in C++. It's based on the algorithms in 'Algorithms in C++' , 3rd. edition, part 5, Graph Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick.



This implemention uses the C++11 currently part of the LLVM implemention shipping with Xcode.


Compiles on Xcode v 4.5.2 using llvm.

Components and Implementation


This is supposed to provide an easy to use scripting interface to the algorithms. This has not been implemented.


This contains an implemention of the graph algo's found in Sedgewick's book. These implementations rely heavily on C++ templates. I've tried to generalize the types of the vertices and edges. In Sedgewick's implementations the type of a vertex is int. I've also replaced the pointers-to-edges used later on in the book in the spanning tree, shortest path and network flow implenentations.


A set of unit tests for the algo's. It's implemented using recursive templates.

implementation notes

priority queues

Where possible I've tried to use c++ std library algorithms. The c++ std library provides a priority queue implementation. This implementation does not seem to provide
the ability to update the queue dynamically. I've provided an other implemention using the c++ std libraries heap algorithms. However those don't support fixups of the heap as new elements are added. I've worked around this by rebuiling the heap any time a new element is added after an element has been popped. This does have a performance impact.


The unit tests generate 'dot' files which can be viewed with graphviz. The location of these files is defined by the TESTDIR environment variable or defaults to $HOME/Test/graph-repl/data.

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