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knead is a command line tool for preprocessing, manipulating and serializing font files for deep learning applications.

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The latest release of knead can be installed from PyPI:

pip install knead


knead --input INPUT_FORMAT --output OUTPUT_FORMAT --directory PATH/TO/DATA/
  1. The --input and --output flags must be one of:
  • ttf: a .ttf font file.
  • ttx: a .ttx XML format of the font. For more details, refer to the fonttools documentation.
  • json: a .json format of the font.
  • pb: a .pb serialized protobuf format of each glyph in each font.
  • npy: a .npy format of samples from quadratic Bezier curves in each glyph in each font.
  1. The --directory must have the following structure:
└── ttf
    ├── Georgia.ttf
    └── ...

Refer to our quickstart for more information on how to use knead.


Please refer to our full documentation.


Contributions are always welcome! Please see our issue tracker for outstanding issues, code of conduct for community guidelines, and our contributing guide for details on how to make a contribution.


knead is licensed under the MIT license.