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Set of script to build & transform iconic fonts
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Font Builder

Set of scripts to generate iconic fonts. Available operation:

  • Building fonts from SVG images
  • Bulk glyphs code change
  • Transformations (resize/move glyphs)
  • Making CSS/HTML from templates

This scripts are NOT indended to run standalone. See real usage example in fontello repos:


You MUST have node.js 0.8+ installed. In Ubuntu 12.04+, just clone repo and run in command line:

sudo make dev-deps
make support
sudo make support-install
npm install

You can skip support-install step, if you don't need to install ttfautohint & ttf2eot globally.


OS X users can use this, too. Make sure you have Homebrew installed.

Then, run:

make dev-deps
make support-osx
npm install

This installs Python, pip, and some other build dependencies. This will globally install ttfautohint & ttf2eot.

Licence info

Code (except ./support folder) distributed under MIT licence. ./support folder contains 3d-party software, see README there.

(c) 2012 Vitaly Puzrin.


Special thanks to Werner Lemberg, author of ttfautohint utility, used in this project.

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