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Opensource iconic font from Fontello project
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This collection was started by fontello project to collaborate different small sets, missed in other iconic fonts. Also, it helps authors to share their works with community, as font glyphs.

If you have not enougth icons, to create independent font, but still wish to share - suggest your images here.


This step is required, if you wish to contribute icons.

  1. You need node.js 0.8+ and fontforge installed first.
  2. run npm install in project folder
  3. (optional) install ttfautohint. Under Ubuntu just run make dependencies command. You can safely skip this step.


Note, we accept icons under pure CC BY license, without additional requirements. Please, don't add icons, which require users to give links, mention author and do any other kinds of promotion.

  1. Create fork and clone your repo locally.
  2. Add icon to ./src/svg_orig folder
  • icon should be 1000x[width]. If you don't have reasons to change centering - just crop icon from left & right
  • black and white, no colors, no fills (filling is defined by contour direction)
  • visually center icon around MIDDLE line (if you don't have reasons for another align)
  • check icons at small size (14px or 20px, for example)! probably, you will need to increase line/spaces width, to make icon more sharp. If you use Inkscape you can use View -> Icon Preview from the menu to get a preview for diffrent sizes.
  1. run make dump, it will automatically reoptimize images
  2. check result in ./src/svg folder. It should contain only one path in it. If you are satisfied, copy your image back to ./svg_orig
  3. Edit config.yaml, add your icon description there. Every icon MUST have unique id. You can generate those by command node -e "for(var i=10; i>0; i--) console.log(require('crypto').randomBytes(16).toString('hex'));"
  4. That's not mandatory, but you can built font with make dist command
  5. Commit content of ./src folder and make pull request on github. Attention! Don't commit font files! That can create unnesessary merge conflicts.

If this is difficult for you, just create new ticket and attach there your icon, as described in step 2, and icon description. We will do the rest


  • Angela Berbentseva (emoticons, spinners). Email
  • Sebastian Janzen (crowns). Email, @sja


Vitaly Puzrin (Fontello project)


Font is distributed under SIL licence.

All icons are distributed under CC BY licence.

We suggest to use this font via fontello project, but you also can materials in any other way, if follow license.

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