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puzrin commented Mar 13, 2016

Well, many of you feel, that fonts are updated slower, than desired.


  • I can not care instantly about supporting all collections up to date. Because that requires a notable time, and is out of my interests (i'm not disappointed in project, but i'm a programmer, not designer).
  • Current fonts format (in repos) it too complicated for users to provide pull requests.
  • I don't like to keep user's data in fontello backend database and be responsible for it.

This issue is created to brainstorm possible solutions. Let's stay on simple principle - users should not depend on my problems and plans :) .


  • Allow users to improve existing collections with ease
  • Allow to extend list of default collections without my centralized management (or keep my role minimal)
    • Even if user wish to add collection i don't like for all, he should have possibility to do it in his own fontello interface
  • Keep compatibility!!! If collection was changed or destroyed, old configs should continue to work.

Prior to go futher, note, that fontello interface is in process of rework. I'd like to put collections on separate "library" tabs and show only favorites on the first screen.


  • Config should contain full info for each glyph, including drawings (now drawings are stored for custom glyphs, and other glyps have id only)
    • will help to distribute changes independently
    • will protect old configs from unwanted updates
  • Create collection editor (for "default" or new collections)
    • this feature is specific for regular use, and i see no reasons to mix it with existing fontello interface
    • editor should help to update collections with new data (and keep IDs of old icons the same)
      • analyze if icon already exists and should be updated or icon should be added as new.
    • editor should help newbies to create collection from scratch and share it.
    • rework existing collections to store those as single json file, managed via editor - should be more easy for PR with updates
    • TTF / WOFF import - can be convenient sometime
    • ? github integration
      • help to do PR from editor menu
      • allow to call editor from fontello to suggest improvements for search labels
  • Allow to load library content from external resources
    • ? allow to add remote URL of collection file, and it will be cached locally
    • allow to store full library config on gist (list of collection URLs) and you can manage it as you wish.
      • you will also be able to import lib configs, created by other people.
      • possibility to share full enviroment via gist link, with zero storage on fontello backend
        • also, quick share not full env, but existing work via gist.
    • create a "hub" with default collections.
    • ? can be useful for us? Font share for example.
  • Search
    • it would be nice to invent some way for global search over all distributed things.
      • now can extract info on build phase
      • could add option "allow to share stat"
    • ? some kind of "scores" by popularity
    • ? announces about new popular collections
  • ? Sponsorship :)
    • At first, i'd like to repeat, there is no plans to commercialize fontello, put big banners, promote payed collections and do other types of boring shit. Fontello always demonstrated, that opensource non commercial project can be professional. And there are no reasons to change it. At least, i sponsored fontello many years just for fun, and will continue :) . But may be someone (company) wish to join - contact me. That could help to make development more dynamic. As you can see, there are enougth of good ideas to implement.

Discuss! Need feedback from users & software architects. Also, if you are programmer and wish to participate - write here.

PS. Please, use new "github smiles" feature for simple replies, to keep thread compact :)

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LOL. Removed strikethrough text from the first phrase, because it was exported as "normal text" to snippets generated from links to this issue, and completely changed what i intended to say :)

This was referenced Mar 17, 2016
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