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niklasf commented Oct 21, 2016

I am trying to escape by importing this SVG font to fontello:

It seems that the em size is 512 units, 480 ascent, -32 descent.

However when I export the font and view the ttf on the web (e.g., the baseline seems to be different. In fact any baseline I set in the webinterface seems to be completely ignored.

When I export a ttf from the same SVG using fontforge the baseline is correct.

Hints are much appreciated. Anything else I could try or extra info I can provide?

puzrin commented Oct 27, 2016

Input font metrics are used only to extract svg images.

Go to menu -> advanced font settings and setup the same params for output font.

Let me know if problem still exists.

niklasf commented Oct 28, 2016 edited

Yes, that's exactly what I tried. It seems any values I set in that dialog have no effect on the generated TTF. (I even tried setting crazy values.)

puzrin commented Oct 28, 2016

That's easy to check:

  • reset everything
  • select some fontello icons
  • change accent/descend % via advanced menu
  • download font
  • open in FontForge and check result.

PS. But everything should be ok.

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