JSON not following custom icons order anymore #569

the-alexandra opened this Issue Dec 8, 2016 · 2 comments


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We have been using the generator for months but now Fontello can't seem to generate the JSON following the Generator latest icons addition order. We need to preserve order.

Can you help?

PS: We also had an issue where the JSON did not match the DEMO.html in November. Were there any changes done on Fontello side that caused this?


Hey, I might be missing something, but can you upload your JSON?



Here are the files. If you try to add one of 2-3 custom glyphs you will see that they will not be in the order you will see then in Fontello.

We tried with this JSON but also others from past packages and we get the same results: order for new added glyph is not respected and they even position themselves before the last glyphs already present in the font.

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