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puzrin commented Feb 10, 2012
  1. Always save last state (loaded fonts, selections, ...)
  2. Implement light session control for Rearrange stage. Simple popup, where one can add new session, select existing one, or delete stored)
  3. We should also control some font metadata, like font name and file name.

Use IndexDB or localStorage. Report error if not exists.

puzrin commented Feb 13, 2012

load pupup:

[    name1      ] [load]
[    name2      ] [load]

Save popup:

[    new     ] [save]
[    name1      ] [save][delete]
[    name2      ] [save][delete]
[    name3      ] [save][delete]

[should be clarified] Save & load buttons are located on second scstage screen

puzrin commented Feb 26, 2012

I offer temporary freeze this feature, until server-side implemented. Seems, when generating fontpack we can provide json config in archive. It will be much more simple.

rstacruz commented Mar 7, 2012

+1. My use case would be that I want to be able to revisit the icon pack I made for a project, and add more icons as I need.

puzrin commented Mar 7, 2012

We understand it. Don't worry, it will be done soon.


That’s exactly what’s needed! Great work Vitaly

puzrin commented May 24, 2012

Persistance & font name done.

Session stuff left for another ticket (if ever needed)

@puzrin puzrin closed this May 24, 2012

Hmm, it seems now I can't download a pack--i select some photos but the download button continues to be disabled. Is this a bug or am I using it wrong? :)

puzrin commented May 24, 2012

Damn! JS/CSS uglifier fuckup (it's off in dev config). Switched off at production temporary. Bigger files, but works. Will fix properly after 8 hours, need to sleep :)

Thanks for report.


Hehe, it happens. Great work sir! :)

six8 commented May 31, 2012

Remembering state in local browser is nice if you're the only one generating fonts. But not so nice if you're on a team that has to generate fonts...or you clear out your browser. I like the idea of generating a json config file with the fonts, or even being able to import the css and figure it out from there. That way you can check in your config with your project and load and modify it as needed.

Right now I'm on a project and we've just been dropping in the same icon everywhere until we can identify all the places we need icons and do it all at once. Of course it makes it hard to find where to replace the icons and of course we'll forget one that we need and have to generate it all over again.

puzrin commented Jun 1, 2012

That's just a question of time & proiroty. To keep interface small & simple, we plan to implement this logic:

  • every downloaded archive will contain config.json with your settings
  • there will be button to import config file

So, you 'll be able to share configs between computers, store in repos & track changes. Is it ok, or you have better ideas?

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