What about license?

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  1. All licenses are defined by original fonts authors. Fontello doesn't add any additional requirements. License type is shown on the right from font name.
  2. Fontello includes only those fonts, that do NOT have limits for your websites (non-commercial use, mandatory links, mandatory attribution, and so on). Since we are open source developers, we don't wish to restrict your freedom.

You can just use fonts on your website and be happy, but it's considered a good practice to credit authors in unobtrusive way. There is no need to inform the entire world on your main page with big letters, that your site uses font XXX. Just if someone really interested to know - it's good when he can find such info.

For your convenience, we prepare a LICENSE file with attribution in each generated archive. It includes info about all fonts with selected glyphs.

Common places for attribution

Once again. These are NOT mandatory requirements. Just recommendations.

  • Open Source Projects
    • If you place content of fontello's archive somewhere with your source code, that's enough. See, example for fontello itself.
  • Other projects
    • Very often, such projects have "About" page with different technical details about used products. Just copy the contents of the LICENSE file there.
    • Page bottom. If you have copyright info there, you can add a short string about fonts. For example "Icons by FontAwesome"
    • Sometimes people place attribution info in html source with html comments. We don't recommend this. Remember, attribution is done for humans, and html source is not human readable enough.

Link to fontello

No, it's not necessary to link to fontello. A link does not replaces icon's attribution. Of course, we don't prohibit you from linking to fontello, if you like to promote this project. :)