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A font editor. Old site at, new site at

Merge pull request #2084 from adrientetar/mview-addr

mview: stop creating fake unicode characters when importing fview select...
latest commit 3efceae37d
Adrien Tétar adrientetar authored
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Packaging Merge pull request #2063 from n7s/patch-3
Unicode 1516: allow arabic codepoints in wordlists
breakpad a little cleaner
collab Some cleanups for #1843 and other
contrib Fix enumeration for the PANOSE variable "Stroke variation"
debian-old Move old Debian stuff.
desktop appdata: Add Spanish translation
doc Revert "Drop (ancient) OFLib support" in hopes of fixing the Generate…
fontforge Fix crashing on processing fea file on empty glyphs
fontforgeexe Merge pull request #2084 from adrientetar/mview-addr
gdraw gdraw: reduce excess verbosity
gtkui Remove HelpDir preference
gutils Merge pull request #1843 from rrthomas/master
inc Some cleanups for #1843 and other
m4 Use czmq’s own uuid library
mackeys Use to auto generate .gitignore files
mk Moving FontforgeInternal
nodejs Correct the makefile rule targetdata_SCRIPTS to targetdata_DATA
osx meta: ignore unwanted files
plugins Remove vestiges of VMS support
po Update Ukrainian translation
pycontrib Only search for paths inside the *g* node
pyhook Fix some errors found by tcc
share Remove duplicates i defaults file
tests Don't try to download mingliu
travis-scripts bring in DomT4's case sensitivity patch from
win Replace Windows icon with better copy.
.dir-locals.el Don't make whitespace invisible in Emacs
.travis.yml cleanup for merge.
AUTHORS Thanks! to contributors added in license.html (copied from AUTHORS file) Update
COPYING.gplv3 The starting on a collab setup. Focus is only on collab between two [upd] Better and more complete INSTALL-git for Mac
LICENSE Revert "Drop (ancient) OFLib support" in hopes of fixing the Generate… keep the breakpad server around on all platforms. cleanup for merge
bootstrap issue1344: work on source tree clones from bootstrap.
bootstrap.conf Use gnulib for strtok_r. See PR #1475 for more info. osx breakpad again. Re-introduce fontforge.pc and set timestamp to 20140101 meta: ignore unwanted files Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Remove more absolute symlinks from the source tree.

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An outline font editor that lets you create your own OpenType, TrueType, CID-keyed, multi-master fonts and more... or simply edit existing ones.

Web site at (old site at

Building from source

Instructions are listed in, you can also find a list of dependencies in .travis.yml.
Fontforge supports Python >= 2.6, but the testsuite is solely Python 3-compatible.

Also check out the developer documentation.

Contributing guidelines

Please see

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