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Free (libre) font editor for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU+Linux
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Latest commit d4b202b @JoesCat JoesCat Merge pull request #2613 from pgajdos/master
do not crash on eof (invalid input data)
Failed to load latest commit information.
Packaging Update the FontForge icon for Debian.
Unicode 1516: allow arabic codepoints in wordlists
breakpad Merge pull request #2289 from jtanx/gitmk
collab Some cleanups for #1843 and other
contrib Create portablecompositor.cpp
debian-old Move old Debian stuff.
desktop Added catalan description
doc Merge pull request #2373 from mskala/fix-array-chr2
fontforge do not crash on eof (invalid input data)
fontforgeexe cppcheck: fix some reports
gdraw Merge pull request #2375 from jtanx/winbugs
gtkui Drop (ancient) OFLib support
gutils Refactoring conditional directives that break parts of statements.
inc Replace `rm -rf` with more portable code. Fixes #2424.
m4 Spiro Library Version Returned in Native and Python Scripting
mackeys Use to auto generate .gitignore files
mk Moving FontforgeInternal
nodejs Correct the makefile rule targetdata_SCRIPTS to targetdata_DATA
osx Merge pull request #2509 from glyphobet/fix-osx-launch-2506-2481-2479
plugins Remove vestiges of VMS support
po Update Ukrainian translation
pycontrib Only search for paths inside the *g* node
pyhook Add detection for Python library collisions.
share Update prefs
tests fix StrSplit, and test for it
travis-scripts gui no longer supported by homebrew
win Updated icon on win + linux to fit the new icon used on website, GitH…
.dir-locals.el Don't make whitespace invisible in Emacs
.travis.yml cleanup for merge.
AUTHORS Author update Fix typos and duplication in
COPYING.gplv3 The starting on a collab setup. Focus is only on collab between two Merge pull request #2546 from midzer/patch1
LICENSE Update LICENSE git: Ignore more files (uthash, ltargz.m4) Update
bootstrap fix gunlib_url which can't be accessed behind proxy
bootstrap.conf Windows: Add `tmpfile` to bootstrap.conf. Merge pull request #2545 from JoesCat/zlib Re-introduce fontforge.pc and set timestamp to 20140101 meta: ignore unwanted files Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Remove more absolute symlinks from the source tree.

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FontForge is a free (libre) font editor for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU+Linux. Use it to create, edit and convert fonts in OpenType, TrueType, UFO, CID-keyed, Multiple Master, and many other formats. — homepage — font creation manual — developer instructions to build from source

.travis.yml — a list of installation dependencies — contributing guidelines

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