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A font editor. Old site at, new site at
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Merge pull request #1858 from fontforge/disable_pdf_scan_for_tooltips

Disable slow P. D. F. font name scanning.
latest commit ab4d46e724
@adrientetar adrientetar authored
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Packaging Merge pull request #2063 from n7s/patch-3
Unicode 1516: allow arabic codepoints in wordlists
breakpad use the array version of exec
collab Some cleanups for #1843 and other
contrib Fix enumeration for the PANOSE variable "Stroke variation"
debian-old Move old Debian stuff.
desktop appdata: Add Spanish translation
doc Drop (ancient) OFLib support
fontforge Enable scanning for P. D. F. typefaces only outside of tooltips.
fontforgeexe Enable scanning for P. D. F. typefaces only outside of tooltips.
gdraw gdraw: reduce excess verbosity
gtkui Drop (ancient) OFLib support
gutils Fix share folder logic to be relative to current program dir
inc Some cleanups for #1843 and other
m4 Use czmq’s own uuid library
mackeys Use to auto generate .gitignore files
mk Moving FontforgeInternal
nodejs Correct the makefile rule targetdata_SCRIPTS to targetdata_DATA
osx Merge pull request #2140 from monkeyiq/2015march/bp-bounce-local-server
plugins Remove vestiges of VMS support
po Update Ukrainian translation
pycontrib Only search for paths inside the *g* node
pyhook Add detection for Python library collisions.
share Default prefs OutlineThickness to 3
tests Don't try to download mingliu
travis-scripts Update fontforge.rb
win Replace Windows icon with better copy.
.dir-locals.el Don't make whitespace invisible in Emacs
.travis.yml cleanup for merge.
AUTHORS Thanks! to contributors added in license.html (copied from AUTHORS file) Update
COPYING.gplv3 The starting on a collab setup. Focus is only on collab between two [upd] Better and more complete INSTALL-git for Mac
LICENSE Drop (ancient) OFLib support keep the breakpad server around on all platforms. cleanup for merge
bootstrap issue1344: work on source tree clones from bootstrap.
bootstrap.conf Use gnulib for strtok_r. See PR #1475 for more info. yeah, so add those to the autofools too. Re-introduce fontforge.pc and set timestamp to 20140101 meta: ignore unwanted files Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Switch to libraries versioned by release (-release instead of -versio… Remove more absolute symlinks from the source tree.

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An outline font editor that lets you create your own OpenType, TrueType, CID-keyed, multi-master fonts and more... or simply edit existing ones.

Web site at (old site at

Building from source

Instructions are listed in, you can also find a list of dependencies in .travis.yml.
Fontforge supports Python >= 2.6, but the testsuite is solely Python 3-compatible.

Also check out the developer documentation.

Contributing guidelines

Please see

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