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#include <ggadget.h>
extern SplineChar *sc_active_in_ui;
extern FontViewBase *fv_active_in_ui;
extern int layer_active_in_ui;
typedef struct flaglist {
char *name;
int flag;
} FlagList;
typedef void (*menu_info_func)(void *, void *);
typedef int (*menu_info_check)(void *, void *);
typedef void *menu_info_data;
enum {
menu_fv = 0x01,
menu_cv = 0x02
void cv_tl2listcheck(GWindow gw, struct gmenuitem *mi, GEvent *e);
void fv_tl2listcheck(GWindow gw, struct gmenuitem *mi, GEvent *e);
void RegisterMenuItem(menu_info_func func, menu_info_check check,
menu_info_data data, int flags,
char *shortcut_str, char **submenu_names);
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