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/* Copyright (C) 2000-2012 by George Williams */
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
* list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
* this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
* and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* The name of the author may not be used to endorse or promote products
* derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
#ifndef _VIEWS_H
#define _VIEWS_H
#include <fontforge-config.h>
#include "ttfinstrs.h"
#include <ffglib.h>
#include "baseviews.h"
#include <ggadget.h>
#include "dlist.h"
#include "search.h"
struct gfi_data;
struct contextchaindlg;
struct statemachinedlg;
extern struct cvshows {
int showfore, showback, showgrids, showhhints, showvhints, showdhints;
int showpoints, showfilled;
int showrulers;
int showrounds; /* 0=>no, 1=>auto, 2=>always */
int showmdx, showmdy; /* minimum distances x,y */
int showhmetrics, showvmetrics; /* show advance width, baseline, etc. */
int markextrema;
int markpoi; /* Points of inflection */
int showblues, showfamilyblues;
int showanchor;
int showcpinfo;
int showtabs; /* with the names of former glyphs */
int showsidebearings;
int showrefnames;
int snapoutlines;
int showalmosthvlines;
int showalmosthvcurves;
int hvoffset;
int checkselfintersects; /* Not really something shown, but convenient to keep it here */
int showdebugchanges; /* Changes the way changing rasters are displayed in tt debug mode */
int alwaysshowcontrolpoints; //< Always show the BCP even when their splinepoint is not selected
} CVShows;
extern struct bvshows {
int showfore, showoutline, showgrid;
int lastpixelsize;
} BVShows;
enum debug_wins { dw_registers=0x1, dw_stack=0x2, dw_storage=0x4, dw_points=0x8,
dw_cvt=0x10, dw_raster=0x20, dw_gloss=0x40 };
struct instrinfo {
int isel_pos;
int16 lheight,lpos;
char *scroll, *offset;
GWindow v;
GGadget *vsb;
int16 sbw;
int16 vheight, vwidth;
int16 lstopped;
int16 as, fh;
struct instrdata *instrdata;
GFont *gfont;
unsigned int showaddr: 1;
unsigned int showhex: 1;
unsigned int mousedown: 1;
void *userdata;
void (*selection_callback)(struct instrinfo *,int ip);
int (*bpcheck)(struct instrinfo *,int ip);
int (*handle_char)(struct instrinfo *,GEvent *e);
struct reflist {
RefChar *ref;
struct reflist *parent;
typedef struct debugview {
struct debugger_context *dc; /* Local to freetype.c */
GWindow dv, v;
/* Windows for twilight points, cvt, registers, stack, storage, stack gloss */
GWindow regs, stack, storage, points, cvt, raster, gloss; /* order matters */
GWindow points_v;
GGadget *cvtsb;
GGadget *pts_vsb;
GGadget *glosssb;
GGadget *storagesb;
GGadget *regsb;
GGadget *stacksb;
struct instrdata id;
struct instrinfo ii;
int dwidth, toph;
struct charview *cv;
double scalex, scaley;
int pts_head, cvt_offtop, gloss_offtop, storage_offtop, stack_offtop, reg_offtop;
int points_offtop;
int codeSize;
uint8 initialbytes[4];
struct reflist *active_refs;
int last_npoints;
int layer;
} DebugView;
/* The number of tabs allowed in the outline glyph view of former glyphs */
#define FORMER_MAX 10
enum dv_coderange { cr_none=0, cr_fpgm, cr_prep, cr_glyph }; /* cleverly chosen to match ttobjs.h */
struct freehand {
struct tracedata *head, *last; /* for the freehand tool */
SplinePointList *current_trace;
int ignore_wobble; /* Ignore wiggles smaller than this */
int skip_cnt;
enum expandedge { ee_none, ee_nw, ee_up, ee_ne, ee_right, ee_se, ee_down,
ee_sw, ee_left, ee_max };
enum { charviewtab_charselectedsz = 1024 };
typedef struct charviewtab
char charselected[ charviewtab_charselectedsz + 1 ];
char tablabeltxt[ charviewtab_charselectedsz + 1 ];
} CharViewTab;
enum { charview_cvtabssz = 100 };
/* approximately BACK_LAYER_MAX / 32 */
typedef struct charview {
CharViewBase b;
uint32 showback[BACK_LAYERS_VIEW_MAX];
unsigned int showfore:1;
unsigned int showgrids:1;
unsigned int showhhints:1;
unsigned int showvhints:1;
unsigned int showdhints:1;
unsigned int showpoints:1;
unsigned int alwaysshowcontrolpoints:1;
unsigned int showfilled:1;
unsigned int showrulers:1;
unsigned int showrounds:2; /* 0=>no, 1=>auto, 2=>always */
unsigned int showmdx:1;
unsigned int showmdy:1;
unsigned int showhmetrics:1;
unsigned int showvmetrics:1;
unsigned int showblues:1; /* 16 */
unsigned int showfamilyblues:1;
unsigned int showanchor:1;
unsigned int showpointnumbers:2;
unsigned int markextrema:1;
unsigned int markpoi:1;
unsigned int needsrasterize:1; /* Rasterization (of fill or fontview) needed on mouse up */
unsigned int recentchange:1; /* a change happened in the grids or background. don't need to rasterize */
unsigned int info_within: 1; /* cursor is within main window */
unsigned int back_img_out_of_date: 1; /* Force redraw of back image pixmap */
unsigned int cntrldown:1;
unsigned int joinvalid:1;
unsigned int widthsel:1;
unsigned int vwidthsel:1;
unsigned int lbearingsel:1;
unsigned int icsel:1;
unsigned int tah_sel:1;
unsigned int inactive:1; /* When in a search view (32) */
unsigned int show_ft_results: 1;
unsigned int show_ft_results_live_update : 1;
unsigned int coderange: 2; /* For the debugger */
unsigned int autonomous_ruler_w: 1;
unsigned int showcpinfo: 1;
unsigned int showtabs: 1;
unsigned int showsidebearings: 1;
unsigned int showing_spiro_pt_menu: 1;
unsigned int ruler_pressed: 1;
unsigned int ruler_pressedv: 1;
unsigned int showrefnames: 1;
unsigned int snapoutlines: 1;
unsigned int showalmosthvlines: 1;
unsigned int showalmosthvcurves: 1;
unsigned int checkselfintersects: 1;
unsigned int showdebugchanges: 1;
unsigned int inPreviewMode: 1;
unsigned int inDraggingComparisonOutline: 1;
unsigned int activeModifierControl: 1; //< Is control being held right now?
unsigned int activeModifierAlt: 1; //< Is alt being held right now?
unsigned int changedActiveGlyph: 1; //< Set in CVSwitchActiveSC() cleared in cvmouseup()
int hvoffset; /* for showalmosthvlines */
int layers_off_top;
real scale;
GWindow gw, v;
GGadget *vsb, *hsb, *mb, *tabs;
GFont *small, *normal;
GWindow icon;
GWindow ruler_w;
GWindow ruler_linger_w;
unichar_t ruler_linger_lines[40][80];
int ruler_linger_num_lines;
int num_ruler_intersections;
int allocated_ruler_intersections;
BasePoint *ruler_intersections;
int start_intersection_snapped;
int end_intersection_snapped;
GFont *rfont;
GTimer *pressed;
GWindow backimgs;
GIC *gic;
GIC *gwgic;
int width, height;
float xoff, yoff; /* must be floating point, for precise zoom by scroll */
int mbh; //< menu bar height
int charselectorh; //< char selection input box height
int infoh; //< info bar height
int rulerh; //< ruler height
int16 sas, sfh, sdh, nas, nfh;
BasePoint info;
SplinePoint *info_sp;
Spline *info_spline;
real info_t;
GPoint e; /* mouse location */
GPoint olde;
BasePoint last_c;
BDFChar *filled;
GImage gi; /* used for fill bitmap only */
int enc;
EncMap *map_of_enc; /* Only use for comparison against fontview's map to see if our enc be valid */
/* Will not be updated when fontview is reencoded */
PressedOn p;
SplinePoint *lastselpt;
spiro_cp *lastselcp;
/*GWindow tools, layers;*/
int8 b1_tool, cb1_tool, b2_tool, cb2_tool; /* Button 3 does a popup */
int8 b1_tool_old; /* Used by mingw port */
int8 s1_tool, s2_tool, er_tool; /* Bindings for wacom stylus and eraser */
int8 showing_tool, pressed_tool, pressed_display, had_control, active_tool;
int8 spacebar_hold; /* spacebar is held down */
SplinePointList *active_spl;
SplinePoint *active_sp;
spiro_cp *active_cp;
IPoint handscroll_base;
uint16 rfh, ras;
BasePoint lastknife;
struct freehand freehand;
enum expandedge expandedge;
BasePoint expandorigin;
real expandwidth, expandheight;
SplinePointList *active_shape;
SplinePoint joinpos;
spiro_cp joincp;
SplineChar *template1, *template2;
struct jamodisplay *jamodisplay;
real oldwidth, oldvwidth;
real oldlbearing;
int16 oldic, oldtah;
#if _ModKeysAutoRepeat
GTimer *autorpt;
int keysym, oldstate;
int oldkeyx, oldkeyy;
GWindow oldkeyw;
PST *lcarets;
int16 nearcaret;
/* freetype results display */
int16 ft_dpi, ft_ppemy, ft_ppemx, ft_depth;
real ft_pointsizey, ft_pointsizex;
struct freetype_raster *raster, *oldraster;
DebugView *dv;
uint32 mmvisible;
char *former_names[FORMER_MAX];
int former_cnt;
AnchorPoint *apmine, *apmatch;
SplineChar *apsc;
int guide_pos;
struct qg_data *qg;
int16 note_x, note_y;
struct dlistnode* pointInfoDialogs;
GGadget* charselector; //< let the user type in more than one char to view at once.
GGadget* charselectorNext; //< move to next word in charselector
GGadget* charselectorPrev; //< move to prev word in charselector
int charselectoridx;
SplineChar* additionalCharsToShow [51]; //< additionalCharsToShowLimit + 1 in size
int additionalCharsToShowActiveIndex;
CharViewTab cvtabs[ charview_cvtabssz+1 ];
int oldtabnum;
} CharView;
typedef struct bitmapview {
BDFChar *bc;
BDFFont *bdf;
struct fontview *fv;
EncMap *map_of_enc;
int enc;
GWindow gw, v;
GGadget *vsb, *hsb, *mb;
GGadget *recalc;
GFont *small;
int xoff, yoff;
int width, height;
int infoh, mbh;
int scale;
real scscale;
struct bitmapview *next;
unsigned int showfore:1;
unsigned int showoutline:1;
unsigned int showgrid:1;
unsigned int cntrldown:1;
unsigned int recentchange:1;
unsigned int clearing:1;
unsigned int shades_hidden:1;
unsigned int shades_down:1;
/*GWindow tools, layers;*/
int8 b1_tool, cb1_tool, b2_tool, cb2_tool; /* Button 3 does a popup */
int8 s1_tool, s2_tool, er_tool; /* Bindings for wacom stylus and eraser */
int8 showing_tool, pressed_tool, pressed_display, had_control, active_tool;
int pressed_x, pressed_y;
int info_x, info_y;
int event_x, event_y;
int16 sas, sfh;
#if _ModKeysAutoRepeat
GTimer *autorpt;
int keysym, oldstate;
int color; /* for greyscale fonts (between 0,255) */
int color_under_cursor;
} BitmapView;
struct aplist { AnchorPoint *ap; int connected_to, selected; struct aplist *next; };
enum mv_grids { mv_hidegrid, mv_showgrid, mv_partialgrid, mv_hidemovinggrid };
enum mv_type { mv_kernonly, mv_widthonly, mv_kernwidth };
struct metricchar {
int16 dx, dwidth; /* position and width of the displayed char */
int16 dy, dheight; /* displayed info for vertical metrics */
int xoff, yoff;
int16 mx, mwidth; /* position and width of the text underneath */
int16 kernafter;
unsigned int selected: 1;
GGadget *width, *lbearing, *rbearing, *kern, *name;
GGadget* updownkparray[10]; /* Cherry picked elements from width...kern allowing up/down key navigation */
typedef struct metricsview {
struct fontview *fv;
SplineFont *sf;
int pixelsize; /* If the user has manually requested a pixelsize */
/* then rasterize at that size no matter how large */
/* the font is zoomed. For non-user requesed sizes */
/* this is the pixelsize * zoom-factor */
BDFFont *bdf; /* We can also see metric info on a bitmap font */
BDFFont *show; /* Or the rasterized version of the outline font */
GWindow gw, v;
GFont *font;
GGadget *hsb, *vsb, *mb, *text, *textPrev, *textNext, *script, *features, *subtable_list;
GGadget *namelab, *widthlab, *lbearinglab, *rbearinglab, *kernlab;
int16 xstart;
int16 width, height, dwidth;
int16 vwidth, vheight;
int16 mbh,sbh;
int16 topend; /* y value of the end of the region containing the text field */
int16 displayend; /* y value of the end of the region showing filled characters */
int16 fh, as;
int16 cmax, clen;
SplineChar **chars; /* Character input stream */
struct opentype_str *glyphs;/* after going through the various gsub/gpos transformations */
struct metricchar *perchar; /* One for each glyph above */
SplineChar **sstr; /* Character input stream */
int16 mwidth, mbase;
int16 glyphcnt, max;
int16 pressed_x, pressed_y;
int16 activeoff;
int xoff, coff, yoff;
struct metricsview *next;
unsigned int right_to_left: 1;
unsigned int pressed: 1;
unsigned int pressedwidth: 1;
unsigned int pressedkern: 1;
unsigned int showgrid: 2;
unsigned int antialias: 1;
unsigned int vertical: 1;
unsigned int type: 2; /* enum mv_type */
unsigned int usehinting: 1; /* should the hints be used during the render */
unsigned int pixelsize_set_by_window;
int xp, yp, ap_owner;
BasePoint ap_start;
int cursor;
int scale_index;
struct lookup_subtable *cur_subtable;
GTextInfo *scriptlangs;
int word_index;
int layer;
int fake_unicode_base;
GIC *gwgic;
int ptsize, dpi;
int ybaseline;
int oldscript, oldlang;
} MetricsView;
enum fv_metrics { fvm_baseline=1, fvm_origin=2, fvm_advanceat=4, fvm_advanceto=8 };
typedef struct fontview {
FontViewBase b;
BDFFont *show, *filled;
GWindow gw, v;
GFont **fontset;
GGadget *vsb, *mb;
GTimer *pressed;
GTimer *resize;
GEvent resize_event;
GIC *gic;
GIC *gwgic;
int width, height; /* of v */
int16 infoh,mbh;
int16 lab_height, lab_as;
int16 colcnt, rowcnt; /* of display window */
int32 rowoff, rowltot; /* Can be really big in full unicode */
int16 cbw,cbh; /* width/height of a character box */
int pressed_pos, end_pos;
unsigned int antialias:1;
unsigned int bbsized:1; /* displayed bitmap should be scaled by bounding box rather than emsize */
unsigned int wasonlybitmaps:1;
/*unsigned int refstate: 3;*/ /* 0x1 => paste orig of all non exist refs, 0x2=>don't, 0x3 => don't warn about non-exist refs with no source font */
unsigned int touched: 1;
unsigned int showhmetrics: 4;
unsigned int showvmetrics: 4;
unsigned int drag_and_drop: 1;
unsigned int has_dd_no_cursor: 1;
unsigned int any_dd_events_sent: 1;
unsigned int resize_expected: 1;
/* Some window managers do not honour my resize requests (if window is*/
/* maximized for example), but we depend on the resize request to */
/* fix up the window. We do get a configure notify, but the window */
/* stays the same size, so kludge things */
unsigned int glyphlabel: 2;
unsigned int notactive:1; /* When embedded in a dlg */
int16 magnify;
int16 user_requested_magnify;
struct searchview *sv;
SplineChar *sc_near_top;
int sel_index;
struct lookup_subtable *cur_subtable;
struct qg_data *qg;
GPid pid_webfontserver;
} FontView;
typedef struct findsel {
GEvent *e;
real fudge; /* One pixel fudge factor */
real xl,xh, yl, yh; /* One pixel fudge factor */
real c_xl,c_xh, c_yl, c_yh; /* fudge rectangle for control points, larger than above if alt is depressed */
unsigned int select_controls: 1; /* notice control points */
unsigned int seek_controls: 1; /* notice control points before base points */
unsigned int all_controls: 1; /* notice control points even if the base points aren't selected (in truetype point numbering mode where all cps are visible) */
unsigned int alwaysshowcontrolpoints:1; /* if the BCP are forced on, then we want the selection code paths
* to also know that so the user can drag the BCP of a non selected splinepoint */
real scale;
PressedOn *p;
} FindSel;
typedef struct searchview {
struct cvcontainer base;
FontView dummy_fv;
SplineFont dummy_sf;
LayerInfo layerinfo[2];
SplineChar *chars[2];
EncMap dummy_map;
int32 map[2], backmap[2];
uint8 sel[2];
CharView cv_srch, cv_rpl;
CharView *lastcv;
/* ****** */
GWindow gw;
GGadget *mb;
GFont *plain, *bold;
int mbh;
int fh, as;
int rpl_x, cv_y;
int cv_width, cv_height;
short button_height, button_width;
/* ****** */
SearchData sd;
unsigned int showsfindnext: 1;
unsigned int findenabled: 1;
unsigned int rplallenabled: 1;
unsigned int rplenabled: 1;
unsigned int isvisible: 1;
} SearchView;
typedef struct mathkernview {
struct cvcontainer base;
FontView dummy_fv;
SplineFont dummy_sf;
LayerInfo layerinfo[2];
SplineChar sc_topright, sc_topleft, sc_bottomright, sc_bottomleft;
SplineChar *chars[4];
EncMap dummy_map;
int32 map[4], backmap[4];
uint8 sel[4];
CharView cv_topright, cv_topleft, cv_bottomright, cv_bottomleft;
CharView *lastcv;
/* ****** */
GWindow gw;
GWindow cvparent_w;
GGadget *mb;
GFont *plain, *bold;
int mbh;
int fh, as;
int mid_space, cv_y;
int cv_width, cv_height;
short button_height, button_width;
/* ****** */
SplineChar *cursc;
int def_layer;
struct mathkern *orig_mathkern;
uint8 saved_mathkern; /* Can't just check if orig is non-NULL, because NULL is a perfectly valid initial state */
uint8 last_aspect;
uint8 done;
} MathKernDlg;
typedef struct tilepathdlg {
struct cvcontainer base;
FontView dummy_fv;
SplineFont dummy_sf;
LayerInfo layerinfo[2];
SplineChar sc_first, sc_medial, sc_final, sc_isolated;
SplineChar *chars[4];
EncMap dummy_map;
int32 map[4], backmap[4];
uint8 sel[4];
CharView cv_first, cv_medial, cv_final, cv_isolated;
CharView *lastcv;
/* ****** */
GWindow gw;
GGadget *mb;
GFont *plain, *bold;
int mbh;
int fh, as;
int mid_space, cv_y;
int cv_width, cv_height;
/* ****** */
struct tiledata *td;
SplineFont *base_sf;
uint8 done, oked;
} TilePathDlg;
extern void TPDCharViewInits(TilePathDlg *tpd, int cid);
extern void PTDCharViewInits(TilePathDlg *tpd, int cid);
#endif /* Tile Path */
typedef struct gradientdlg {
struct cvcontainer base;
FontView dummy_fv;
SplineFont dummy_sf;
LayerInfo layerinfo[2];
SplineChar sc_grad;
SplineChar *chars[1];
EncMap dummy_map;
int32 map[1], backmap[1];
uint8 sel[1];
CharView cv_grad;
/* ****** */
GWindow gw;
GGadget *mb;
GFont *plain, *bold;
int mbh;
int fh, as;
int mid_space, cv_y;
int cv_width, cv_height;
/* ****** */
uint8 done, oked;
struct gradient *active;
} GradientDlg;
extern void GDDCharViewInits(GradientDlg *gdd,int cid);
typedef struct strokedlg {
struct cvcontainer base;
FontView dummy_fv;
SplineFont dummy_sf;
LayerInfo layerinfo[2];
SplineChar sc_stroke;
SplineChar *chars[1];
EncMap dummy_map;
int32 map[1], backmap[1];
uint8 sel[1];
CharView cv_stroke;
int cv_width, cv_height;
GGadget *mb;
int mbh;
SplineSet *old_poly;
/* ****** */
int done;
GWindow gw;
CharView *cv;
FontView *fv;
SplineFont *sf;
void (*strokeit)(void *,StrokeInfo *,int);
StrokeInfo *si;
GRect r1, r2;
int up[2];
int dontexpand;
} StrokeDlg;
extern void StrokeCharViewInits(StrokeDlg *sd,int cid);
struct lksubinfo {
struct lookup_subtable *subtable;
unsigned int deleted: 1;
unsigned int new: 1;
unsigned int selected: 1;
unsigned int moved: 1;
struct lkinfo {
OTLookup *lookup;
unsigned int open: 1;
unsigned int deleted: 1;
unsigned int new: 1;
unsigned int selected: 1;
unsigned int moved: 1;
int16 subtable_cnt, subtable_max;
struct lksubinfo *subtables;
struct lkdata {
int cnt, max;
int off_top, off_left;
struct lkinfo *all;
struct anchor_shows {
CharView *cv;
SplineChar *sc;
int restart;
struct gfi_data { /* FontInfo */
SplineFont *sf;
int def_layer;
GWindow gw;
int tn_active;
int private_aspect, ttfv_aspect, tn_aspect, tx_aspect, unicode_aspect;
int old_sel, old_aspect, old_lang, old_strid;
int ttf_set, names_set, tex_set;
int langlocalecode; /* MS code for the current locale */
unsigned int family_untitled: 1;
unsigned int human_untitled: 1;
unsigned int done: 1;
unsigned int mpdone: 1;
unsigned int lk_drag_and_drop: 1;
unsigned int lk_dropablecursor: 1;
struct anchor_shows anchor_shows[2];
struct texdata texdata;
GFont *font;
int as, fh;
struct lkdata tables[2];
int lkwidth, lkheight;
int first_sel_lookup, first_sel_subtable;
int last_panose_family;
struct kf_dlg /* : fvcontainer */ {
struct fvcontainer base;
struct lookup_subtable *sub;
GWindow gw, dw;
GFont *plain, *bold;
int fh, as;
GGadget *mb, *guts, *topbox;
int mbh, label2_y, infoh;
SplineFont *sf;
int def_layer;
struct kf_results *results;
int done;
FontView *active;
FontView *first_fv;
FontView *second_fv;
enum genfam { gf_none, gf_macfamily, gf_ttc };
extern void FVMarkHintsOutOfDate(SplineChar *sc);
extern void FVRefreshChar(FontView *fv,int gid);
extern void _FVMenuOpen(FontView *fv);
extern int _FVMenuSave(FontView *fv);
extern int _FVMenuSaveAs(FontView *fv);
extern int _FVMenuGenerate(FontView *fv,int family);
extern void _FVCloseWindows(FontView *fv);
extern char *GetPostScriptFontName(char *defdir,int mult);
extern void MergeKernInfo(SplineFont *sf,EncMap *map);
extern int SFGenerateFont(SplineFont *sf,int layer, int family,EncMap *map);
extern void NonLinearDlg(FontView *fv,struct charview *cv);
extern void FVChangeChar(FontView *fv,int encoding);
extern void FVMergeFonts(FontView *fv);
extern void FVInterpolateFonts(FontView *fv);
extern void FVDeselectAll(FontView *fv);
extern void FVAutoWidth2(FontView *fv);
/*extern void FVAutoKern(FontView *fv);*/
/*extern void FVAutoWidth(FontView *fv);*/
extern void SC_MarkInstrDlgAsChanged(SplineChar *sc);
extern void PythonUI_Init(void);
extern void PythonUI_namedpipe_Init(void);
extern void SCStroke(SplineChar *sc);
extern void PfaEditSetFallback(void);
extern void RecentFilesRemember(char *filename);
extern void LastFonts_Save(void);
struct debugger_context;
extern void DebuggerTerminate(struct debugger_context *dc);
extern void DebuggerReset(struct debugger_context *dc,real pointsizey, real pointsizex,int dpi,int dbg_fpgm, int is_bitmap);
extern struct debugger_context *DebuggerCreate(SplineChar *sc,int layer,real pointsizey,real pointsizex,int dpi,int dbg_fpgm, int is_bitmap);
enum debug_gotype { dgt_continue, dgt_step, dgt_next, dgt_stepout };
extern void DebuggerGo(struct debugger_context *dc,enum debug_gotype,DebugView *dv);
extern struct TT_ExecContextRec_ *DebuggerGetEContext(struct debugger_context *dc);
extern void DebuggerToggleBp(struct debugger_context *dc,int range,int ip);
extern int DebuggerBpCheck(struct debugger_context *dc,int range,int ip);
extern void DebuggerSetWatches(struct debugger_context *dc,int n, uint8 *w);
extern uint8 *DebuggerGetWatches(struct debugger_context *dc, int *n);
extern void DebuggerSetWatchStores(struct debugger_context *dc,int n, uint8 *w);
extern uint8 *DebuggerGetWatchStores(struct debugger_context *dc, int *n);
extern int DebuggerIsStorageSet(struct debugger_context *dc, int index);
extern void DebuggerSetWatchCvts(struct debugger_context *dc,int n, uint8 *w);
extern uint8 *DebuggerGetWatchCvts(struct debugger_context *dc, int *n);
extern int DebuggingFpgm(struct debugger_context *dc);
extern void PrintFFDlg(FontView *fv,SplineChar *sc,MetricsView *mv);
extern void PrintWindowClose(void);
extern void InsertTextDlg(CharView *cv);
extern char *Kern2Text(SplineChar *other,KernPair *kp,int isv);
extern char *PST2Text(PST *pst,SplineFont *sf);
void EmboldenDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv);
void CondenseExtendDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv);
void ObliqueDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv);
void GlyphChangeDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv, enum glyphchange_type gc);
void ItalicDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv);
void ChangeXHeightDlg(FontView *fv,CharView *cv);
extern int FVParseSelectByPST(FontView *fv,struct lookup_subtable *sub,
int search_type);
extern void DropChars2Text(GWindow gw, GGadget *glyphs,GEvent *event);
extern void FVReplaceOutlineWithReference( FontView *fv, double fudge );
extern void SVDestroy(struct searchview *sv);
extern int SLICount(SplineFont *sf);
extern unichar_t *ClassName(const char *name,uint32 feature_tag,
uint16 flags, int script_lang_index, int merge_with, int act_type,
int macfeature,SplineFont *sf);
extern unichar_t *DecomposeClassName(const unichar_t *clsnm, unichar_t **name,
uint32 *feature_tag, int *macfeature,
uint16 *flags, uint16 *script_lang_index,int *merge_with,int *act_type,
SplineFont *sf);
extern PST *AddSubs(PST *last,uint32 tag,char *name,uint16 flags,
uint16 sli,SplineChar *sc);
extern void FVSetUIToMatch(FontView *destfv,FontView *srcfv);
extern void FVScrollToChar(FontView *fv,int i);
extern void FVRegenChar(FontView *fv,SplineChar *sc);
extern FontView *FontNew(void);
extern void _MenuWarnings(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuPrefs(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuXRes(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuSaveAll(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuExit(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuHelp(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuIndex(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuAbout(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuLicense(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void MenuNew(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void WindowMenuBuild(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *);
extern void MenuRecentBuild(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *);
extern void MenuScriptsBuild(GWindow base,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *);
extern void mb2FreeGetText(GMenuItem2 *mb);
extern void mb2DoGetText(GMenuItem2 *mb);
extern void mbFreeGetText(GMenuItem *mb);
extern void mbDoGetText(GMenuItem *mb);
extern int RecentFilesAny(void);
extern void _aplistbuild(struct gmenuitem *mi,SplineFont *sf,
void (*func)(GWindow,struct gmenuitem *,GEvent *));
extern int32 *ParseBitmapSizes(GGadget *g,char *msg,int *err);
extern GTextInfo *AddMacFeatures(GTextInfo *opentype,enum possub_type type,SplineFont *sf);
extern unichar_t *AskNameTag(char *title,unichar_t *def,uint32 def_tag,uint16 flags,
int script_lang_index, enum possub_type type, SplineFont *sf, SplineChar *default_script,
int merge_with,int act_type);
extern unichar_t *ShowScripts(unichar_t *usedef);
extern GTextInfo *SFLangList(SplineFont *sf,int addfinal,SplineChar *default_script);
extern GTextInfo **SFLangArray(SplineFont *sf,int addfinal);
extern int ScriptLangList(SplineFont *sf,GGadget *list,int sli);
extern void GListDelSelected(GGadget *list);
extern void GListMoveSelected(GGadget *list,int offset);
extern GTextInfo *GListChangeLine(GGadget *list,int pos, const unichar_t *line);
extern GTextInfo *GListAppendLine(GGadget *list,const unichar_t *line,int select);
extern GTextInfo *GListChangeLine8(GGadget *list,int pos, const char *line);
extern GTextInfo *GListAppendLine8(GGadget *list,const char *line,int select);
extern void CharInfoInit(void);
extern void SCLigCaretCheck(SplineChar *sc,int clean);
extern char *DevTab_Dlg(GGadget *g, int r, int c);
extern int DeviceTableOK(char *dvstr, int *_low, int *_high);
extern void VRDevTabParse(struct vr *vr,struct matrix_data *md);
extern DeviceTable *DeviceTableParse(DeviceTable *dv,char *dvstr);
extern void DevTabToString(char **str,DeviceTable *adjust);
extern void ValDevTabToStrings(struct matrix_data *mds,int first_offset,ValDevTab *adjust);
extern void KpMDParse(SplineChar *sc,struct lookup_subtable *sub,
struct matrix_data *possub,int rows,int cols,int i);
extern void GFI_LookupEnableButtons(struct gfi_data *gfi, int isgpos);
extern void GFI_LookupScrollbars(struct gfi_data *gfi, int isgpos, int refresh);
extern void FontInfo(SplineFont *sf,int layer,int aspect,int sync);
extern void FontInfoDestroy(SplineFont *sf);
extern void FontMenuFontInfo(void *fv);
extern struct enc *MakeEncoding(SplineFont *sf, EncMap *map);
extern void LoadEncodingFile(void);
extern void RemoveEncoding(void);
extern void SFPrivateInfo(SplineFont *sf);
extern void FVDelay(FontView *fv,void (*func)(FontView *));
extern void GFI_FinishContextNew(struct gfi_data *d,FPST *fpst, int success);
extern void SCPreparePopup(GWindow gw,SplineChar *sc, struct remap *remap, int enc, int actualuni);
enum outlinesfm_flags {
sfm_stroke_trans = (0x1|0x8),
sfm_clip_preserve = 0x16
extern void CVDrawSplineSetSpecialized( CharView *cv, GWindow pixmap, SplinePointList *set,
Color fg, int dopoints, DRect *clip,
enum outlinesfm_flags strokeFillMode,
Color AlphaChannelOverride );
extern void CVDrawSplineSet(CharView *cv, GWindow pixmap, SplinePointList *set,
Color fg, int dopoints, DRect *clip );
extern void CVDrawSplineSetOutlineOnly(CharView *cv, GWindow pixmap, SplinePointList *set,
Color fg, int dopoints, DRect *clip, enum outlinesfm_flags strokeFillMode );
extern GWindow CVMakeTools(CharView *cv);
extern GWindow CVMakeLayers(CharView *cv);
extern GWindow BVMakeTools(BitmapView *bv);
extern GWindow BVMakeLayers(BitmapView *bv);
extern void CVSetLayer(CharView *cv,int layer);
extern int CVPaletteMnemonicCheck(GEvent *event);
extern int TrueCharState(GEvent *event);
extern void CVToolsPopup(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void BVToolsPopup(BitmapView *bv, GEvent *event);
extern real CVRoundRectRadius(void);
extern int CVRectElipseCenter(void);
extern void CVRectEllipsePosDlg(CharView *cv);
extern real CVStarRatio(void);
extern int CVPolyStarPoints(void);
extern StrokeInfo *CVFreeHandInfo(void);
extern void BVToolsSetCursor(BitmapView *bv, int state,char *device);
extern void CVToolsSetCursor(CharView *cv, int state,char *device);
extern int CVPaletteIsVisible(CharView *cv,int which);
extern void CVPaletteSetVisible(CharView *cv,int which,int visible);
extern void CVPalettesRaise(CharView *cv);
extern void CVLayersSet(CharView *cv);
extern void _CVPaletteActivate(CharView *cv,int force);
extern void CVPaletteActivate(CharView *cv);
extern void CV_LayerPaletteCheck(SplineFont *sf);
extern void CVPalettesHideIfMine(CharView *cv);
extern int BVPaletteIsVisible(BitmapView *bv,int which);
extern void BVPaletteSetVisible(BitmapView *bv,int which,int visible);
extern void BVPaletteActivate(BitmapView *bv);
extern void BVPalettesHideIfMine(BitmapView *bv);
extern void BVPaletteColorChange(BitmapView *bv);
extern void BVPaletteColorUnderChange(BitmapView *bv,int color);
extern void BVPaletteChangedChar(BitmapView *bv);
extern void CVPaletteDeactivate(void);
extern void PalettesChangeDocking(void);
extern int CVPalettesWidth(void);
extern int BVPalettesWidth(void);
extern int CVInSpiro( CharView *cv );
extern void CVDoTransform(CharView *cv, enum cvtools cvt );
// apply transform to specified layer
extern void CVTransFuncLayer(CharView *cv,Layer *ly,real transform[6], enum fvtrans_flags flags);
// apply transform to the current layer only
extern void CVTransFunc(CharView *cv,real transform[6],enum fvtrans_flags);
// apply transform to all layers
extern void CVTransFuncAllLayers(CharView *cv,real transform[6], enum fvtrans_flags flags);
enum transdlg_flags { tdf_enableback=0x1, tdf_enablekerns=0x2,
tdf_defaultkerns=0x4, tdf_addapply=0x8 };
extern void TransformDlgCreate(void *data,void (*transfunc)(void *,real *,int,BVTFunc *,enum fvtrans_flags),
int (*getorigin)(void *,BasePoint *,int), enum transdlg_flags flags,
enum cvtools cvt);
extern void BitmapDlg(FontView *fv,SplineChar *sc, int isavail);
extern int SimplifyDlg(SplineFont *sf,struct simplifyinfo *smpl);
extern void CVReviewHints(CharView *cv);
extern void CVCreateHint(CharView *cv,int ishstem,int preserveundoes);
extern void SCRemoveSelectedMinimumDistances(SplineChar *sc,int inx);
extern int CVExport(CharView *cv);
extern int BVExport(BitmapView *bv);
extern void DrawAnchorPoint(GWindow pixmap,int x, int y,int selected);
extern void DefaultY(GRect *pos);
extern void CVDrawRubberRect(GWindow pixmap, CharView *cv);
extern void CVInfoDraw(CharView *cv, GWindow pixmap );
extern void CVChar(CharView *cv, GEvent *event );
extern void PI_ShowHints(SplineChar *sc, GGadget *list, int set);
extern GTextInfo *SCHintList(SplineChar *sc,HintMask *);
extern void CVResize(CharView *cv );
extern CharView *CharViewCreate(SplineChar *sc,FontView *fv,int enc);
extern void CharViewFinishNonStatic();
* Extended version of CharViewCreate() which allows a window to be created but
* not displayed.
extern CharView *CharViewCreateExtended(SplineChar *sc, FontView *fv,int enc, int show );
extern void CharViewFree(CharView *cv);
extern int CVValid(SplineFont *sf, SplineChar *sc, CharView *cv);
extern void CVSetCharChanged(CharView *cv,int changed);
extern int CVAnySel(CharView *cv, int *anyp, int *anyr, int *anyi, int *anya);
extern int CVAnySelPoints(CharView *cv);
* Get all the selected points in the current cv.
* Caller must g_list_free() the returned value.
extern GList_Glib* CVGetSelectedPoints(CharView *cv);
extern void CVSelectPointAt(CharView *cv);
extern int CVClearSel(CharView *cv);
extern int CVSetSel(CharView *cv,int mask);
extern void CVInvertSel(CharView *cv);
extern int CVAllSelected(CharView *cv);
extern SplinePointList *CVAnySelPointList(CharView *cv);
extern int CVAnySelPoint(CharView *cv, SplinePoint **selsp, spiro_cp **selcp);
extern int CVOneThingSel(CharView *cv, SplinePoint **sp, SplinePointList **spl,
RefChar **ref, ImageList **img, AnchorPoint **ap, spiro_cp **cp);
extern int CVOneContourSel(CharView *cv, SplinePointList **_spl,
RefChar **ref, ImageList **img);
extern void CVInfoDrawText(CharView *cv, GWindow pixmap );
extern void CVImport(CharView *cv);
extern void BVImport(BitmapView *bv);
extern void FVImport(FontView *bv);
extern void CVFindCenter(CharView *cv, BasePoint *bp, int nosel);
extern void CVStroke(CharView *cv);
extern void FVStroke(FontView *fv);
extern void FreeHandStrokeDlg(StrokeInfo *si);
extern void OutlineDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv,MetricsView *mv,int isinline);
extern void ShadowDlg(FontView *fv, CharView *cv,MetricsView *mv,int wireframe);
extern void CVTile(CharView *cv);
extern void FVTile(FontView *fv);
extern void CVPatternTile(CharView *cv);
extern void FVPatternTile(FontView *fv);
extern void SCCharInfo(SplineChar *sc,int deflayer,EncMap *map,int enc);
extern void CharInfoDestroy(struct charinfo *ci);
extern SplineChar *SuffixCheck(SplineChar *sc,char *suffix);
extern void SCSubtableDefaultSubsCheck(SplineChar *sc, struct lookup_subtable *sub, struct matrix_data *possub, int col_cnt, int r,int layer);
extern GImage *PST_GetImage(GGadget *pstk,SplineFont *sf,int def_layer,
struct lookup_subtable *sub,int popup_r, SplineChar *sc );
extern GImage *NameList_GetImage(SplineFont *sf,SplineChar *sc,int def_layer,
char *namelist, int isliga );
extern GImage *GV_GetConstructedImage(SplineChar *sc,int def_layer, struct glyphvariants *gv,
int is_horiz);
extern GImage *SC_GetLinedImage(SplineChar *sc, int def_layer, int pos, int is_italic_cor);
extern struct glyphvariants *GV_ParseConstruction(struct glyphvariants *gv,
struct matrix_data *stuff, int rows, int cols);
extern void GV_ToMD(GGadget *g, struct glyphvariants *gv);
extern void CVGetInfo(CharView *cv);
extern void CVPGetInfo(CharView *cv);
extern int SCUsedBySubs(SplineChar *sc);
extern void SCSubBy(SplineChar *sc);
extern void SCRefBy(SplineChar *sc);
extern void ApGetInfo(CharView *cv, AnchorPoint *ap);
extern void CVMakeClipPath(CharView *cv);
extern void CVAddAnchor(CharView *cv);
extern AnchorClass *AnchorClassUnused(SplineChar *sc,int *waslig);
extern void FVSetWidth(FontView *fv,enum widthtype wtype);
extern void CVSetWidth(CharView *cv,enum widthtype wtype);
extern void GenericVSetWidth(FontView *fv,SplineChar* sc,enum widthtype wtype);
extern void CVChangeSC(CharView *cv, SplineChar *sc );
extern Undoes *CVPreserveTState(CharView *cv);
* If isTState > 0 then CVPreserveTState(cv)
* otherwise CVPreserveState(cv)
extern Undoes *CVPreserveMaybeState(CharView *cv, int isTState );
extern void CVRestoreTOriginalState(CharView *cv);
extern void CVUndoCleanup(CharView *cv);
extern void AdjustControls(SplinePoint *sp);
extern void CVAdjustPoint(CharView *cv, SplinePoint *sp);
extern void CVMergeSplineSets(CharView *cv, SplinePoint *active, SplineSet *activess,
SplinePoint *merge, SplineSet *mergess);
extern void CVAdjustControl(CharView *cv,BasePoint *cp, BasePoint *to);
extern int CVMoveSelection(CharView *cv, real dx, real dy, uint32 input_state);
extern int CVTestSelectFromEvent(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMovePen(CharView *cv, PressedOn *p, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseUpPoint(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern int CVMouseMovePointer(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseDownPointer(CharView *cv, FindSel *fs, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseDownRuler(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMoveRuler(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern int CVMouseAtSpline(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseUpRuler(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMoveHand(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseDownFreeHand(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMoveFreeHand(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseUpFreeHand(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseDownShape(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern void CPStartInfo(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CPUpdateInfo(CharView *cv, GEvent *event);
extern void CPEndInfo(CharView *cv);
extern void BVChar(BitmapView *cv, GEvent *event );
extern void CVMouseDownPoint(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMovePoint(CharView *cv,PressedOn *);
extern void CVMouseUpPointer(CharView *cv );
extern void CVCheckResizeCursors(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseDownHand(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseUpHand(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseDownTransform(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseMoveTransform(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseUpTransform(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseDownKnife(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseMoveKnife(CharView *cv,PressedOn *);
extern void CVMouseUpKnife(CharView *cv,GEvent *event);
extern void CVMouseMoveShape(CharView *cv);
extern void CVMouseUpShape(CharView *cv);
extern void LogoExpose(GWindow pixmap,GEvent *event, GRect *r,enum drawmode dm);
extern void CVDebugPointPopup(CharView *cv);
extern int GotoChar(SplineFont *sf,EncMap *map, int *merge_with_selection);
extern void CVShowPoint(CharView *cv, BasePoint *me);
extern void BitmapViewFinishNonStatic();
extern BitmapView *BitmapViewCreate(BDFChar *bc, BDFFont *bdf, FontView *fv,int enc);
extern BitmapView *BitmapViewCreatePick(int enc, FontView *fv);
extern void BitmapViewFree(BitmapView *bv);
extern void BVMenuRotateInvoked(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi, GEvent *e);
extern void BVRotateBitmap(BitmapView *bv,enum bvtools type );
extern int BVColor(BitmapView *bv);
extern void BCGeneralFunction(BitmapView *bv,
void (*SetPoint)(BitmapView *,int x, int y, void *data),void *data);
extern char *BVFlipNames[];
extern void BVChangeBC(BitmapView *bv, BDFChar *bc, int fitit );
extern void MVSetSCs(MetricsView *mv, SplineChar **scs);
extern void MVRefreshChar(MetricsView *mv, SplineChar *sc);
extern void MVRegenChar(MetricsView *mv, SplineChar *sc);
extern void MVReKern(MetricsView *mv);
extern void MetricsViewFinishNonStatic();
extern MetricsView *MetricsViewCreate(FontView *fv,SplineChar *sc,BDFFont *bdf);
extern void MetricsViewFree(MetricsView *mv);
extern void MVRefreshAll(MetricsView *mv);
extern void MV_FriendlyFeatures(GGadget *g, int pos);
extern GTextInfo *SLOfFont(SplineFont *sf);
extern void DoPrefs(void);
extern void DoXRes(void);
extern void PointerDlg(CharView *cv);
extern void GListAddStr(GGadget *list,unichar_t *str, void *ud);
extern void GListReplaceStr(GGadget *list,int index, unichar_t *str, void *ud);
extern struct macname *NameGadgetsGetNames( GWindow gw );
extern void NameGadgetsSetEnabled( GWindow gw, int enable );
extern int GCDBuildNames(GGadgetCreateData *gcd,GTextInfo *label,int pos,struct macname *names);
extern void GCDFillMacFeat(GGadgetCreateData *mfgcd,GTextInfo *mflabels, int width,
MacFeat *all, int fromprefs, GGadgetCreateData *boxes,
GGadgetCreateData **array);
extern void Prefs_ReplaceMacFeatures(GGadget *list);
extern unichar_t *FVOpenFont(char *title, const char *defaultfile, int mult);
extern void ShowAboutScreen(void);
extern void DelayEvent(void (*func)(void *), void *data);
extern void FindProblems(FontView *fv,CharView *cv,SplineChar *sc);
typedef enum
constrainSelection_AveragePoints = 0,
constrainSelection_SpacePoints = 1,
constrainSelection_SpaceSelectedRegions = 2
} constrainSelection_t;
extern void CVConstrainSelection(CharView *cv, constrainSelection_t type);
extern void CVMakeParallel(CharView *cv);
extern void ScriptDlg(FontView *fv,CharView *cv);
extern void MenuNewComposition(GWindow gw, struct gmenuitem *, GEvent *);
extern void CVDisplayCompositions(GWindow gw, struct gmenuitem *, GEvent *);
extern void Disp_DoFinish(struct jamodisplay *d, int cancel);
extern void Disp_RefreshChar(SplineFont *sf,SplineChar *sc);
extern void Disp_DefaultTemplate(CharView *cv);
# endif
extern SearchView *SVCreate(FontView *fv);
extern void SVCharViewInits(SearchView *sv);
extern void SV_DoClose(struct cvcontainer *cvc);
extern void SVMakeActive(SearchView *sv,CharView *cv);
extern int SVAttachFV(FontView *fv,int ask_if_difficult);
extern void SVDetachFV(FontView *fv);
extern void MKDMakeActive(MathKernDlg *mkd,CharView *cv);
extern void MKD_DoClose(struct cvcontainer *cvc);
extern void MKDCharViewInits(MathKernDlg *mkd);
extern void MathKernDialog(SplineChar *sc,int def_layer);
extern void ShowAtt(SplineFont *sf,int def_layer);
extern void FontCompareDlg(FontView *fv);
extern void SFShowKernPairs(SplineFont *sf,SplineChar *sc,AnchorClass *ac,int layer);
extern void SFShowLigatures(SplineFont *sf,SplineChar *sc);
extern void SCEditInstructions(SplineChar *sc);
extern void SFEditTable(SplineFont *sf, uint32 tag);
extern void IIScrollTo(struct instrinfo *ii,int ip,int mark_stop);
extern void IIReinit(struct instrinfo *ii,int ip);
extern int ii_v_e_h(GWindow gw, GEvent *event);
extern void instr_scroll(struct instrinfo *ii,struct sbevent *sb);
extern void CVGridFitChar(CharView *cv);
* If a live preview of grid fit is somehow in effect, call CVGridFitChar() for us.
* A caller can call here after a change and any CVGridFitChar() will be updated if need be.
extern void CVGridHandlePossibleFitChar(CharView *cv);
extern void CVFtPpemDlg(CharView *cv,int debug);
extern void SCDeGridFit(SplineChar *sc);
extern void SCReGridFit(SplineChar *sc,int layer);
extern void CVDebugReInit(CharView *cv,int restart_debug,int dbg_fpgm);
extern void CVDebugFree(DebugView *dv);
extern int DVChar(DebugView *dv, GEvent *e);
extern void KernClassD(KernClass *kc, SplineFont *sf, int layer, int isv);
extern void ShowKernClasses(SplineFont *sf,MetricsView *mv,int layer,int isv);
extern void KCLD_End(struct kernclasslistdlg *kcld);
extern void KCLD_MvDetach(struct kernclasslistdlg *kcld,MetricsView *mv);
extern void KernPairD(SplineFont *sf,SplineChar *sc1,SplineChar *sc2,int layer, int isv);
extern void KCD_DrawGlyph(GWindow pixmap,int x,int baseline,BDFChar *bdfc,int mag);
extern GTextInfo *BuildFontList(FontView *except);
extern void TFFree(GTextInfo *tf);
extern void AnchorControl(SplineChar *sc,AnchorPoint *ap,int layer);
extern void AnchorControlClass(SplineFont *_sf,AnchorClass *ac,int layer);
extern void FVSelectByPST(FontView *fv);
enum hist_type { hist_hstem, hist_vstem, hist_blues };
struct psdict;
extern void SFHistogram(SplineFont *sf,int layer, struct psdict *private,uint8 *selected,
EncMap *map, enum hist_type which);
extern void ContextChainEdit(SplineFont *sf,FPST *fpst,
struct gfi_data *gfi,unichar_t *newname,int layer);
extern char *cu_copybetween(const unichar_t *start, const unichar_t *end);
extern void StateMachineEdit(SplineFont *sf,ASM *sm,struct gfi_data *d);
extern void GFI_FinishSMNew(struct gfi_data *d,ASM *sm, int success,int isnew);
extern void MMChangeBlend(MMSet *mm,FontView *fv,int tonew);
extern void MMWizard(MMSet *mm);
extern int LayerDialog(Layer *layer,SplineFont *sf);
extern void CVLayerChange(CharView *cv);
extern int PointOfViewDlg(struct pov_data *pov,SplineFont *sf,int flags);
extern SplineChar *FVMakeChar(FontView *fv,int i);
extern void CVPointOfView(CharView *cv,struct pov_data *);
extern void DVCreateGloss(DebugView *dv);
extern void DVMarkPts(DebugView *dv,SplineSet *ss);
extern int CVXPos(DebugView *dv,int offset,int width);
extern GMenuItem *GetEncodingMenu(void (*func)(GWindow,GMenuItem *,GEvent *),
Encoding *current);
extern GTextInfo *TIFromName(const char *name);
enum subtable_data_flags {
/* I have flags for each alternative because I want "unspecified" to be */
/* an option */
sdf_kernclass = 0x01,
sdf_kernpair = 0x02,
sdf_verticalkern = 0x04,
sdf_horizontalkern = 0x08,
sdf_dontedit = 0x10
struct subtable_data {
int flags;
SplineChar *sc;
extern GTextInfo **SFLookupListFromType(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_type );
extern GTextInfo *SFLookupArrayFromType(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_type );
extern GTextInfo *SFLookupArrayFromMask(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_mask );
extern GTextInfo **SFSubtablesOfType(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_type, int kernclass, int add_none);
extern GTextInfo *SFSubtableListOfType(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_type, int kernclass, int add_none);
extern struct lookup_subtable *SFNewLookupSubtableOfType(SplineFont *sf, int lookup_type, struct subtable_data *sd, int def_layer );
extern int EditLookup(OTLookup *otl,int isgpos,SplineFont *sf);
extern int EditSubtable(struct lookup_subtable *sub,int isgpos,SplineFont *sf,
struct subtable_data *sd,int def_layer);
extern void _LookupSubtableContents(SplineFont *sf, struct lookup_subtable *sub,
struct subtable_data *sd,int def_layer);
extern char *SCNameUniStr(SplineChar *sc);
extern unichar_t *uSCNameUniStr(SplineChar *sc);
extern char *SFNameList2NameUni(SplineFont *sf, char *str);
extern unichar_t **SFGlyphNameCompletion(SplineFont *sf,GGadget *t,int from_tab,
int new_name_after_space);
extern char *GlyphNameListDeUnicode( char *str );
extern void AddRmLang(SplineFont *sf, struct lkdata *lk,int add_lang);
extern void FVMassGlyphRename(FontView *fv);
extern void SFBdfProperties(SplineFont *sf, EncMap *map, BDFFont *thisone);
extern GMenuItem2 helplist[];
extern BasePoint last_ruler_offset[];
extern void CVCopyLayerToLayer(CharView *cv);
extern void FVCopyLayerToLayer(FontView *fv);
extern void CVCompareLayerToLayer(CharView *cv);
extern void FVCompareLayerToLayer(FontView *fv);
extern void MathInit(void);
extern void SFMathDlg(SplineFont *sf,int def_layer);
extern GMenuItem2 *cvpy_menu, *fvpy_menu;
extern void cvpy_tllistcheck(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void fvpy_tllistcheck(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern GMenuItem2 *cv_menu, *fv_menu;
extern void cv_tl2listcheck(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void fv_tl2listcheck(GWindow gw,struct gmenuitem *mi,GEvent *e);
extern void SFValidationWindow(SplineFont *sf,int layer, enum fontformat format);
extern void ValidationDestroy(SplineFont *sf);
extern const char *UI_TTFNameIds(int id);
extern const char *UI_MSLangString(int language);
extern void FontInfoInit(void);
extern void LookupUIInit(void);
extern enum psstrokeflags Ps_StrokeFlagsDlg(void);
extern struct cidmap *AskUserForCIDMap(void);
extern void DefineGroups(struct fontview *fv);
extern void DisplayGroups(struct fontview *fv);
extern struct Base *SFBaselines(SplineFont *sf,struct Base *old,int is_vertical);
extern void JustifyDlg(SplineFont *sf);
extern char *GlyphListDlg(SplineFont *sf, char *glyphstr);
extern void DeltaSuggestionDlg(FontView *fv,CharView *cv);
extern void QGRmFontView(struct qg_data *qg,FontView *fv);
extern void QGRmCharView(struct qg_data *qg,CharView *cv);
extern struct hslrgb *SFFontCols(SplineFont *sf,struct hslrgb fontcols[6]);
extern Color view_bgcol; /* Background color for views */
extern void MVColInit(void);
extern void CVColInit( void );
extern void FontViewRemove(FontView *fv);
extern void FontViewFinishNonStatic();
extern void FVChar(FontView *fv,GEvent *event);
extern void FVDrawInfo(FontView *fv,GWindow pixmap,GEvent *event);
extern void FVRedrawAllCharViews(FontView *fv);
extern void KFFontViewInits(struct kf_dlg *kf,GGadget *drawable);
extern char *GlyphSetFromSelection(SplineFont *sf,int def_layer,char *current);
extern void ME_ListCheck(GGadget *g,int r, int c, SplineFont *sf);
extern void ME_SetCheckUnique(GGadget *g,int r, int c, SplineFont *sf);
extern void ME_ClassCheckUnique(GGadget *g,int r, int c, SplineFont *sf);
extern void PI_Destroy(struct dlistnode *node);
struct gidata;
extern void PIChangePoint(struct gidata *ci);
extern void CVRegenFill(CharView *cv);
extern void RulerDlg(CharView *cv);
extern int CVCountSelectedPoints(CharView *cv);
extern void _CVMenuInsertPt(CharView *cv);
extern void _CVMenuNamePoint(CharView *cv, SplinePoint *sp);
extern void _CVMenuNameContour(CharView *cv);
extern void Prefs_LoadDefaultPreferences( void );
extern CharView* CharViewFindActive();
extern FontViewBase* FontViewFindActive();
extern FontViewBase* FontViewFind( int (*testFunc)( FontViewBase*, void* ), void* udata );
extern int FontViewFind_byXUID( FontViewBase* fv, void* udata );
extern int FontViewFind_byXUIDConnected( FontViewBase* fv, void* udata );
extern int FontViewFind_byCollabPtr( FontViewBase* fv, void* udata );
extern int FontViewFind_bySplineFont( FontViewBase* fv, void* udata );
extern int FontViewFind_byCollabBasePort( FontViewBase* fv, void* udata );
extern void SPSelectNextPoint( SplinePoint *sp, int state );
extern void SPSelectPrevPoint( SplinePoint *sp, int state );
* Is the next BCP for the sp selected, and is it the primary BCP for the selection
* @see SPIsNextCPSelected
extern bool SPIsNextCPSelectedSingle( SplinePoint *sp, CharView *cv );
* Is the prev BCP for the sp selected, and is it the primary BCP for the selection
* @see SPIsNextCPSelected
extern bool SPIsPrevCPSelectedSingle( SplinePoint *sp, CharView *cv );
* Is the next BCP for the sp selected, it can be the primary or any
* of the secondary selected BCP
* The last selected BCP is the 'primary' selected BCP. Code which
* only handles a single selected BCP will only honor the primary
* selected BCP
* There can also be one or more seconday selected BCP. These might be
* drawn with slightly less highlight graphically and are only handled
* by code which has been updated to allow mutliple selected BCP to be
* operated on at once.
extern bool SPIsNextCPSelected( SplinePoint *sp, CharView *cv );
* Is the prev BCP for the sp selected, it can be the primary or any of the secondary selected BCP
* @see SPIsNextCPSelected
extern bool SPIsPrevCPSelected( SplinePoint *sp, CharView *cv );
typedef struct FE_adjustBCPByDeltaDataS
CharView *cv; //< used to update view
real dx; //< Add this to the BCP x
real dy; //< Add this to the BCP y
int keyboarddx;
} FE_adjustBCPByDeltaData;
* Visitor function type for visitSelectedControlPoints()
typedef void (*visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor) ( void* key,
void* value,
SplinePoint* sp,
BasePoint *which,
bool isnext,
void* udata );
* Visitor function to move each BCP by data->dx/data->dy
* Visitor: visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor
* UsedBy: CVFindAndVisitSelectedControlPoints
extern void FE_adjustBCPByDelta( void* key,
void* value,
SplinePoint* sp,
BasePoint *which,
bool isnext,
void* udata );
extern void FE_adjustBCPByDeltaWhilePreservingBCPAngle( void* key,
void* value,
SplinePoint* sp,
BasePoint *which,
bool isnext,
void* udata );
* Visitor function to unselect every BCP passed
* Visitor: visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor
* UsedBy: CVFindAndVisitSelectedControlPoints
* CVUnselectAllBCP
* @see SPIsNextCPSelected
extern void FE_unselectBCP( void* key,
void* value,
SplinePoint* sp,
BasePoint *which,
bool isnext,
void* udata );
extern void FE_touchControlPoint( void* key,
void* value,
SplinePoint* sp,
BasePoint *which,
bool isnext,
void* udata );
* Find all the selected BCP and apply the visitor function f to them
* passing the user data pointer udata to the 'f' visitor.
* This function doesn't use udata at all, it simply passes it on to
* your visitor function so it may do something with it like record
* results or take optional parameters.
* If preserveState is true and there are selected BCP then
* CVPreserveState() is called before the visitor function.
extern void CVFindAndVisitSelectedControlPoints( CharView *cv, bool preserveState,
visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor f, void* udata );
* NOTE: doesn't do all, just all on selected spline.
extern void CVVisitAllControlPoints( CharView *cv, bool preserveState,
visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor f, void* udata );
* Unselect all the BCP which are currently selected.
extern void CVUnselectAllBCP( CharView *cv );
* This will call your visitor function 'f' on any selected BCP. This
* is regardless of if the BCP is the next or prev BCP for it's
* splinepoint.
* This function doesn't use udata at all, it simply passes it on to
* your visitor function so it may do something with it like record
* results or take optional parameters.
extern void visitSelectedControlPoints( GHashTable *col, visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor f, gpointer udata );
* NOTE: doesn't do all, just all on selected spline.
extern void visitAllControlPoints( GHashTable *col, visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor f, gpointer udata );
extern void CVVisitAdjacentToSelectedControlPoints( CharView *cv, bool preserveState,
visitSelectedControlPointsVisitor f, void* udata );
extern void CVFreePreTransformSPL( CharView* cv );
extern bool CVShouldInterpolateCPsOnMotion( CharView* cv );
extern int CVNearRBearingLine( CharView* cv, real x, real fudge );
extern int CVNearLBearingLine( CharView* cv, real x, real fudge );
extern void CVMenuConstrain(GWindow gw, struct gmenuitem *mi, GEvent *UNUSED(e));
#endif /* _VIEWS_H */