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JoesCat commented Mar 26, 2013

mentioned on sourceforge developer mailing list. See:
[Fontforge-devel] aarch64 support for autotools

Needs attention of @blipvert sometime before/during next prep + build.

(however, for those of us still using autoconf 2.68, I would like to hold-off until then)


JoesCat and others added some commits Mar 24, 2013

@JoesCat JoesCat Check if using older libuninameslist library or using newer version now 1cbb24c
@JoesCat JoesCat bitmapview.c backwards compatibility with older libuninameslist e5c065e
@rajeeshknambiar @JoesCat rajeeshknambiar Opentype script tag for Malayalam v.2 is mlm2.
The interface still shows incorrect mly2. This complements
b13ee26 which fixed certain cases.
@nirik @JoesCat nirik [Fontforge-devel] aarch64 support for autotools
aarch64 is going to arrive later this year, and support for configuring
and building on it landed in autoconf 2.69. Currently fontforge has an
older version of autoconf used.

Graphical flowchart for build environment shown here:

JoesCat merged commit fe36496 into fontforge:master Apr 16, 2013

JoesCat deleted the JoesCat:2013mar26_aarch64_support branch Apr 16, 2013


davelab6 commented on aba943a Apr 21, 2013

@nirik I'm not sure why this is needed, because aarch64 will work with autoconf 2.69 (if that version is installed) without this change; and this change prevents building on systems like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS that have autoconf 2.68. So I'd like to revert this.


nirik replied Apr 21, 2013

well, yes, if someone had 2.69 locally and ran autoreconf -fi they could get aarch64 support. I was thinking of having this support available in a release version (where it would need to have been created with 2.69 in order for the shipped config* to have aarch64 support).

Does that make sense? So, I just wanted it to land before the next release so it would be easy to build out of the box on aarch64. If you need to revert it now to keep support for things, such is life. ;(


davelab6 replied Apr 21, 2013

Okay - I've made a release issue to track this and I'll revert this change :) #557


JoesCat replied Jul 11, 2013

Do you want to try copying the latest config.guess and config.sub and see if that works okay?
There's fairly recent copies in libuninameslist and another in libspiro if you want to try those.


JoesCat commented Jul 21, 2013

Added very recent "config.guess" which includes guessing for aarch64 - see issue/patch 639.

Please test, so that we can close several of these issues.

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