FontForge 2014-01 Release

@JoesCat JoesCat released this Jan 2, 2014 · 2484 commits to master since this release

FontForge, version 2.0.20140101

A font editor.

Developed primarily by George Williams as PfaEdit until 2004, and now known as FontForge.
FontForge is free software available for several operating systems and localized into several languages.

This point release introduces well over 1000 updates, bug fixes, patches and improvements to FontForge since the last stable release of 20120731-b.
For a detailed list, please check the Git/SVN history for all improvements since 20120731 until now. For a quick summary of major points of interest are:

  1. Large overhaul of the Compile Make build system was moved over into Autoconf with much code updated to use this method of building FontForge - this is still a work in progress.
  2. Large number of hard-to-find bugs and errors found and resolved.
  3. Large review of bit mapping - with a more graceful/tolerant fail mode from errors.
  4. Many improvements added for Python - Enabled for Python 2.x or Python 3.x
  5. Many improvements added to Native Scripting.
  6. File recovery added.
  7. New features added, such as ReadLine, File Collaboration, and GUI options.
  8. Several Languages updated.
  9. New Tango Theme added, or you can continue to use the original 2012 GUI Theme.
  10. Command-line options updated to be more familiar for open source such as making use of '--' or '-'
  11. Many fixes to accommodate the new Macs.
  12. Separation of libfontforgeexe and FontForge into it's own directory.
  13. Make use of web-based code-checkers, such as travis ci during development.

TODO: Lots!
...but for a brief summary...

  1. FontForge is a program developed by George Williams, who developed a majority of code, however, it is still good to seek and bring-in past Authors and Developers who also helped make FontForge what it is now (but got missed in file AUTHORS). Currently, this list contains new Authors from 20120731-b up to 20140101, and also past Authors/Developers that helped improve FontForge from beginning up to 20030731. This still leaves a large gap of 10 years of GIT/SVN comments to search through for missed Authors and Developers.
  2. The new Make build system is nice, but still needs work to make it work smoothly with functions such as make dist, make distcheck, make check, and more, plus has lost some functionality which was in within 20120731-b
  3. Bring in features that were in 20120731-b which are not working at the moment, such as hotplugin of libraries.
  4. Go through a lot of code to make it fault tolerant. Not so much an issue seen from the command-line, but quickly recognized on the GUI as crashes, seg faults, and other undesirable behavior.
  5. Update FontForge to recognize and work with new/recent and/or updated font types, plus enable features not available at this time.