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Here is a quick overview of what you need to do in order
to have fontmatrix up an running.
Requirements :
- CMake (>=2.6.0)
- Qt 4.4 (with QtWebKit)
- Freetype2 (>=2.3.5)
*not to mention that you need the developpement packages.
Build instructions are (where $FM_SOURCE_DIR is
the root directory of the Fontmatrix source
distribution, the very same directory where this
INSTALL file is. To be more specific, you must replace
the expression "$FM_SOURCE_DIR" by the actual path
of the root directory of the Fontmatrix source
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake .. [-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug]\
$ make
At this point, the fontmatrix binary is in build/src/
directory, if you want, you can try to install it (default
installation path is /usr/local) with:
# make install
If you encounter problems or just have questions or if you have
suggestions, please take time to suscribe to the undertype-users
mailing list ( ).
If you want to reach us quickly, come to #fontmatrix at Freenode.
* Pass -DTRANSLATOR:string=locale to cmake then
run "make translation" to update the ts file before you edit
it with Qt4 Linguist program (more informations in the inline help).
** Python scripting is supported through PythonQt, it’s still
experimental --if it’s possible to be more experimental than
the whole Fontmatrix program. It’s known to build with
PythonLibs 2.6 as it comes with openSuse 11.1. if you experience
issues with other setup, please do not give up silently, drop us
a word about it.
*** Makes extracting embedded fonts from PDF files possible.
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