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- performance issues
- usability issues
- ugly code
- render glyphs with Freetype, Qt doesn’t handle it very well :( DONE
- split main window into View and Data (or whatever it’s called by actual developers;-)
- change left pane into a docked widget (DONE 0.3 but I dont like it - Vlada)
- replace fontmatrix backend (activation / deactivation,
tags database, etc.) with a third party one or even write
this more general purpose font management library in order
to focus on presentation in fontmatrix itself.
- update internal copy of harfbuzz with harfbuzz2 and make it not crash
- continue to listen Vlada!
- Write an up to date help page - In Progress
- tweak fontmatrix.desktop file to make correct menu entery
- the same goes for (need help here Pierre). I can't figure out how to install various size icons
- decide wether 'splash' shoud be turned on (Pierre...?)
* UI:
- draw nice icons for zoom [DONE 0.2]
- make Info, Tags, Glyphs etc. icons [DONE 0.2]
* WEB:
- mockup site
- make it!
_MASA_ (my girlfriend :) )
* allow browsing through fontlist tab using arrow keys
* fit character width into glyph cell (good candidate is the font Blackoak Std Regular)
* move font name above Info, Glyph, etc. tabs so it's always visible
* allow font import with dnd to systray icon
* synchronize main window and systray activation/deactivation information DONE