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Fontmatrix documentation
The very first thing you need to know is that documentation is a work in progress.
We will let you know when it's more or less settled, so that you don't waste
your precious time on trying to paint a speeding train :-)
Anyway, this is how it works.
Every translation has its own directory named after two-letter language code,
e.g. 'fr' fro French, 'de' for German, 'ru' for Russian etc.
Every directory has a menu.xml file that contains description of contents
structure which is loaded to the sidebar in help browser to help navigating
contents of the documentation.
Currently for each language that used to have a translator (before 0.5 was out)
menu.xml points to English files, that is: file="../en/some.html"
When we are mostly ready, all you will need to do is copy ../en/*.html to
your language directory and start translating.