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Releases: fonttools/fonttools


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  • [subset] Keep nameIDs used by CPAL palette entry labels (#2837).
  • [varLib] Avoid negative hmtx values when creating font from variable CFF2 font (#2827).
  • [instancer] Don't prune stat.ElidedFallbackNameID (#2828).
  • [unicodedata] Update Scripts/Blocks to Unicode 15.0 (#2833).


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  • Fix arguments in calls to (glyf) glyph.draw() and drawPoints(), whereby offset wasn't correctly passed down; this fix also exposed a second bug, where lsb and tsb were not set (#2824, #2825, adobe-type-tools/afdko#1560).


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  • [subset] Keep CPAL table and don't attempt to prune unused color indices if OT-SVG table is present even if COLR table was subsetted away; OT-SVG may be referencing the CPAL table; for now we assume that's the case (#2814, #2815).
  • [varLib.instancer] Downgrade GPOS/GSUB version if there are no more FeatureVariations after instancing (#2812).
  • [subset] Added --no-lazy to optionally load fonts eagerly (mostly to ease debugging of table lazy loading, no practical effects) (#2807).
  • [varLib] Avoid building empty COLR.DeltaSetIndexMap with only identity mappings (#2803).
  • [feaLib] Allow multiple value record types (by promoting to the most general format) within the same PairPos subtable; e.g. this allows variable and non variable kerning rules to share the same subtable. This also fixes a bug whereby some kerning pairs would become unreachable while shapiong because of premature subtable splitting (#2772, #2776).
  • [feaLib] Speed up VarScalar by caching models for recurring master locations (#2798).
  • [feaLib] Optionally cythonize feaLib.lexer, speeds up parsing FEA a bit (#2799).
  • [designspaceLib] Avoid crash when handling unbounded rule conditions (#2797).
  • [post] Don't crash if post legacy format 1 is malformed/improperly used (#2786)
  • [gvar] Don't be "lazy" (load all glyph variations up front) when TTFont.lazy=False (#2771).
  • [TTFont] Added normalizeLocation method to normalize a location dict from the font's defined axes space (also known as "user space") into the normalized (-1..+1) space. It applies avar mapping if the font contains an avar table (#2789).
  • [TTVarGlyphSet] Support drawing glyph instances from CFF2 variable glyph set (#2784).
  • [fontBuilder] Do not error when building cmap if there are zero code points (#2785).
  • [varLib.plot] Added ability to plot a variation model and set of accompaning master values corresponding to the model's master locations into a pyplot figure (#2767).
  • [Snippets] Added script to draw statistical shape of a glyph as an ellips (requires pycairo) (baecd88).
  • [TTVarGlyphSet] implement drawPoints natively, avoiding going through SegmentToPointPen (#2778).
  • [TTVarGlyphSet] Fixed bug whereby drawing a composite glyph multiple times, its components would shif; needed an extra copy (#2774).


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  • [subset] Fixed regression introduced with v4.37.0 while subsetting the VarStore of HVAR and VVAR tables, whereby an AttributeError: subset_varidxes was thrown because an apparently unused import statement (with the side-effect of dynamically binding that subset_varidxes method to the VarStore class) had been accidentally deleted in an unrelated PR (#2769, #2773).
  • [pens] Added cairoPen (#2768).
  • [gvar] Read gvar more lazily by not parsing all of the glyf table (#2771).
  • [ttGlyphSet] Make drawPoints(pointPen) method work for CFF fonts as well via adapter pen (#2770).


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  • [varLib.models] Reverted PR #2717 which added support for "narrow tents" in v4.36.0, as it introduced a regression (#2764, #2765).
    It will be restored in upcoming release once we found a solution to the bug.
  • [cff.specializer] Fixed issue in charstring generalizer with the blend operator (#2750, #1975).
  • [varLib.models] Added support for extrapolation (#2757, #671).
  • [ttGlyphSet] Ensure the newly added _TTVarGlyphSet inherits from _TTGlyphSet to keep backward compatibility with existing API (#2762).
  • [kern] Allow compiling legacy kern tables with more than 64k entries (d21cfde).
  • [visitor] Added new visitor API to traverse tree of objects and dispatch based on the attribute type: cf. fontTools.misc.visitor and fontTools.ttLib.ttVisitor. Added fontTools.ttLib.scaleUpem module that uses the latter to change a font's units-per-em and scale all the related fields accordingly (#2718, #2755).


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  • [varLib.models] Use a simpler model that generates narrower "tents" (regions, master supports) whenever possible: specifically when any two axes that actively "cooperate" (have masters at non-zero positions for both axes) have a complete set of intermediates.
    The simpler algorithm produces fewer overlapping regions and behaves better with respect to rounding at the peak positions than the generic solver, always matching intermediate masters exactly, instead of maximally 0.5 units off. This may be useful when 100% metrics compatibility is desired (#2218, #2717).
  • [feaLib] Remove warning when about GDEF not being built when explicitly not requested; don't build one unconditonally even when not requested (#2744, also works around #2747).
  • [ttFont] TTFont.getGlyphSet method now supports selecting a location that represents an instance of a variable font (supports both user-scale and normalized axes coordinates via the normalized=False parameter). Currently this only works for TrueType-flavored variable fonts (#2738).


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  • [otData/otConverters] Added support for 'biased' PaintSweepGradient start/end angles to match latest COLRv1 spec (#2743).
  • [varLib.instancer] Fixed bug in _instantiateFeatureVariations when at the same time pinning one axis and restricting the range of a subsequent axis; the wrong axis tag was being used in the latter step (as the records' axisIdx was updated in the preceding step but looked up using the old axes order in the following step) (#2733, #2734).
  • [mtiLib] Pad script tags with space when less than 4 char long (#1727).
  • [merge] Use '.' instead of '#' in duplicate glyph names (#2742).
  • [gvar] Added support for lazily loading glyph variations (#2741).
  • [varLib] In build_many, we forgot to pass on colr_layer_reuse parameter to the build method (#2730).
  • [svgPathPen] Add a main that prints SVG for input text (6df779f).
  • [cffLib.width] Fixed off-by-one in optimized values; previous code didn't match the code block above it (2963fa5).
  • [varLib.interpolatable] Support reading .designspace and .glyphs files (via optional glyphsLib).
  • Compile some modules with Cython when available and building/installing fonttools from source: varLib.iup (35% faster), pens.momentsPen (makes varLib.interpolatable 3x faster).
  • [feaLib] Allow features to be built for VF without also building a GDEF table (e.g. only build GSUB); warn when GDEF would be needed but isn't requested (#2705, #2694).
  • [otBase] Fixed AttributeError when uharfbuzz < 0.23.0 and repack method is missing (32aa8ea).
    Use new uharfbuzz.repack_with_tag when available (since uharfbuzz>=0.30.0), enables table-specific optimizations to be performed during repacking (#2724).
  • [statisticsPen] By default report all glyphs (4139d89). Avoid division-by-zero (52b28f9).
  • [feaLib] Added missing required argument to FeatureLibError exception (#2693)
  • [varLib.merge] Fixed error during error reporting (#2689). Fixed undefined NotANone variable (#2714).


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  • Fixed typo in varLib/ that causes NameError merging COLR glyphs containing more than 255 layers (#2685).


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  • [designspaceLib] Don't make up bad PS names when no STAT data (#2684)


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  • [varStore/subset] fixed KeyError exception to do with NO_VARIATION_INDEX while subsetting varidxes in GPOS/GDEF (a08140d).