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A CLI program that manages the frontmatter of your Jekyll or Hugo posts without manually entering into your text editor.
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A blogging tool for those who use Jekyll and Hugo (probably)...

How to use

Clone the Git repo with:

git clone
cd automate-md

For now, to use the program, you would have to build it yourself with cmake and make.

cmake CMakeLists.txt

Just for reference, here are the related tools and their version by the time I successfully built the program:

  • CMake 3.6.2
  • GCC 7.3.0

For the available commands, just go here.

How to contribute?

If you're contributing through code, you can refer here for the guidelines.

For issuing bugs, just file an issue on the issue tracker.

If you want to support me as a creator, you can donate a bit of spare cheap coffee money by clicking down the button below:

Buy Me A Coffee link

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