[IN PROGRESS] logic programming meets functional programming
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Functional Programming meets Logic Programming in JavaScript (IN PROGRESS)

see also:

  • Contemplate a light-weight template engine for Node/JS, PHP, Python, ActionScript
  • ModelView a light-weight and flexible MVVM framework for JavaScript/HTML5
  • ModelView MVC jQueryUI Widgets plug-n-play, state-full, full-MVC widgets for jQueryUI using modelview.js (e.g calendars, datepickers, colorpickers, tables/grids, etc..) (in progress)
  • Dromeo a flexible, agnostic router for Node/JS, PHP, Python, ActionScript
  • Xpresion a simple and flexible eXpression parser engine (with custom functions and variables support) for PHP, Python, Node/JS, ActionScript
  • Abacus a fast and flexible combinarotics library for Node/JS, PHP, Python
  • Regex Analyzer/Composer Regular Expression Analyzer and Composer for Node/JS, PHP, Python, ActionScript
  • Simulacra a simulation, algebraic and combinatorics package for scientific computations
  • Asynchronous a simple manager for async, linearised, parallelised, interleaved and sequential tasks for JavaScript