HtmlWidget: optimised dynamic html widgets used as (template) plugins and/or standalone for PHP, Node/XPCOM/JS, Python
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standalone and pluggable optimised, localised, modular and dynamicaly initialised html widgets / components for Node/XPCOM/JS, PHP, Python (in progress)


related projects:

note 1: see /test/test.html, /test/test.php pages both for testing most widgets and as example code for how to use

note 2: most widgets are implemented as pure html / css components so that they can work even without javascript (unless absolutely necessary)

  • HtmlWidget is also a XPCOM JavaScript Component (Firefox) (e.g to be used in firefox browser addons/plugins)

included widgets:

  1. control, checkbox, radio, switch, checkbox-image, radio-image, checkbox-label, radio-label, checkbox-list, radio-list, radio-array, checkbox-array, selectbox, multi-selectbox, textbox, textarea, file, range/slider, rating
  2. buttons, labels, links, icons, tooltips, tags, speech bubbles, spinners, animation sprites
  3. table, accordeon, tab, page, collapsable panels, side panels, modals, dialogs, hierarchical responsive horizontal menus, hierarchical responsive vertical menus
  4. delayable, disabable, morphable, selectable, removable, sortable, re-arrangeable, draggable, uploadable (drag-n-drop with preview)
  5. mvc/mvvm widget, area-select, popup menu, autocompleter, date/time picker, color picker, location/address picker, timer, wysiwyg editor, syntax editor, advanced selectbox, dataTable, google map, graph/chart, music/tablature score, syntax highlight area
  6. flash, swf, video, audio widgets, media players, touch recognition, visual gesture recognition

external widgets/plugins/libraries (integrated mashup components, with CDN support):

  1. DataTables, TagEditor, Trumbowyg, CodeMirror, ACE, Prism, SyntaxHighlighter, Highlight.js, KateX, MathJax, MathQuill, TinyMce, PageDown, Typo, ImTranslator, D3, C3, VexFlow, VexTab
  2. Select2, Sortable, tinyDraggable, AutoComplete, DateX, Pikadaytime, ColorPicker, Timer
  3. Jcrop, AreaSelect, rangeSlider, jquery.modal, jquery.tooltipster, jquery.locationpicker, jquery.gmap3, Selectable,Removable,Morphable,Delayable,Disabable,Uploadable
  4. jsCookie, History.js, ModelView, ModelViewForm, Tao.js, (Form) Serialiser, localStorage, localForage, RT, smoothState, Packery, Isotope, Masonry, Popr2, humane, notify.js, visibility.js, visibilityjs
  5. html5media, video.js, clappr, hammer.js, gest.js
  6. Font-Awesome, Hover.css, jQuery, Modernizr

browser support (tested)

  • ie (10+)
  • firefox (30+)
  • chrome (30+)
  • opera (38+)

screenshot samples

widgets-1 widgets-1-2 widgets-2 widgets-3 widgets-4 widgets-4-1 widgets-4-2 widgets-5 widgets-6 widgets-7 widgets-7-1

details-1 details-2 details-3 details-4 details-5 details-6 details-7 details-8 details-9 details-10 details-11