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fixes #10084 - make release commit skip strict checking

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1 parent 99f5d65 commit c80234548a814b797ba1bddc17f387643e378e04 @phiggins42 phiggins42 committed Oct 12, 2009
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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ cd $buildName/util/buildscripts
#Update the dojo version in the tag
java -jar ../shrinksafe/js.jar changeVersion.js $version ../../dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js
cd ../../dojo
-svn commit -m "Updating dojo version for the tag." _base/_loader/bootstrap.js
+svn commit -m "Updating dojo version for the tag. \!strict" _base/_loader/bootstrap.js
#Erase the SVN dir and replace with an exported SVN contents.
cd ../..

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