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Visor/Quake style app slider for KDE
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KDE KWin scipt to provide generic Quake-style terminal support for any app.

Currently, the script is hard-coded for the Terminator app, but any app can be specified in content/code/main.js. Once Shimmer is installed the key binding can be changed in the Global Shortcuts, KWin section. Look for "Quake-style app expose".


  1. git clone
  2. cd shimmer
  3. plasmapkg --type kwinscript -i .
  4. Settings, Window Behavior, KWin Scripts. Ensure "Shimmer" is enabled.
  5. Logout and login to KDE
  6. Profit


  • Minimize app on startup (optional I guess)
  • Add configuration someplace
  • ???
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