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A simple command line todo list manager which can be as powerful as you want it to be.
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A simple command-line todolist manager which can be as powerful as you want it to be.

$ todo add "Fix the stuff"
$ todo
    1 | Fix the stuff
$ todo add "Fix the other thing"
$ todo
    1 | Fix the stuff
    2 | Fix the other thing
$ todo done 1
$ todo
    2 | Fix the other thing


pip3 install todocli

sudo would be needed for:

  • a system-wide installation (that is, without the --user flag)
  • the installation of auto-completion for the todo command



Running a development version

To run the program in development, clone the project (or download its zip) and go to the source directory. You can run the source by executing:


You can create a directory named .toduh in the source directory which will carry development-specific data as long as you run ./ from the source directory.


To run the tests, go the source directory and execute:


By default, this only launches the unit tests. There are also functional tests. The fonctional tests uses the files in tests/traces. These files contain a list of commands (lines introduced by $), each above the standard output they should produce. The functional tests run each of the commands in a subprocess and compare their output to the expected output. The test is ran on a new datafile each time, which doesn't affect the regular datafile.

To run the functional tests, use the -f option. The -a option runs both unit and functional tests. The -v option, when used with the functional test, prints the commands being executed.


Submit issues for bug reports or enhancement ideas.



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