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DEPRECATED, being merged in upstream. Web-based software for foodcoops - as used in NL.


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Web-based software to manage a non-profit food coop (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling).

A food cooperative is a group of people that buy food from suppliers of their own choosing. A collective do-it-yourself supermarket. Members order their products online and collect them on a specified day. And all put in a bit of work to make that possible. Foodsoft facilitates the process.

This branch contains the version used by a couple of Dutch food cooperatives, most importantly Foodcoop Amsterdam, Vokomokum, FoodCoopNoord and Voedlink.

It is based on foodcoops/foodsoft (which we call upstream). While new features are still being added, ultimately this is all meant to be integrated back into upstream (#163).

If you're a food coop considering to use foodsoft, first stop would be You're also welcome to contact us. Or look at the wiki page for foodcoops. You can read documentation to get an impression of the software. When you'd like to experiment with or develop foodsoft, you can read how to set it up on your own computer.

More information about using this software and contributing can be found on our wiki, as wel foodsoft's wiki.

Notes specific to this fork

  • This fork has enabled some plugins that aren't upstream. To make migration easier, we have included database migrations for these plugins. As a developer, that means: when you add a migration to an enabled plugin, please use rake railties:install:migrations and commit to install those in db/migrate as well.

  • The main branch is beta. This is based on master (which is deprecated), which in turn was forked from a Rails 3 version of foodcoops/foodsoft. Many upstream changes were merged in, and many other changes as well. Beta was initially meant as a testing ground for a redesigned member ordering interface, but ended up being used in production. There is some technical debt here. While there has been some work in feature/rails4-adam to migrate this to Rails 4, the idea is now to merge back changes to upstream instead.

  • You may need to disable MySQL's strict mode by running:

    echo "SET GLOBAL sql_mode=(SELECT REPLACE(@@sql_mode,'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY',''));" | mysql
  • This fork turned out to be a dead end, even though is is still used. Most effort is to integrate functionality back into upstream.

See also the wiki page foodcoop adaptations.


Get foodsoft running locally, then visit our Developing Guidelines page on the wiki.

When developing a new feature, please consider to make it work on upstream first, then backport it here. That helps keeping the focus on integrating everything back into upstream.


Setup foodsoft to run in production, and automate deployment. This section is very much a work in progress.


GPL version 3 or later, please see LICENSE for the full text. Some bundled third-party components have other licenses.


DEPRECATED, being merged in upstream. Web-based software for foodcoops - as used in NL.







  • Ruby 66.4%
  • HTML 24.7%
  • CSS 4.3%
  • JavaScript 3.1%
  • Other 1.5%