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User-friendly open source software for food-coops and local shops.

Latest stable version Build status Software license

Official Website · Docs · German Demo · English Demo · Users · Signal Support Group

🤖 Self-hosting / developing

Open in Gitpod

  • Gitpod: When all containers are up and running (takes about 1 minute), open your Bash-terminal (not in the Docker-terminal) and run
  • bash ./devtools/
  • In your custom_config.php, change App.fullBaseUrl to your Gitpod-Domain (BE AWARE: NO TRAILING SLASH!).


  • user-friendly web shop optimized for selling food from different producers
  • many delivery rhythms for products (once a week, every first / last friday...)
  • admin area for both manufacturers and admins
  • the decentralized network plugin supports synchronizing products to different installations
  • a cashless payment system based on bank account transfers
  • order adaptions (cancellation, adapting weight / price...)
  • self-service mode for stock products (including optional barcode scanning)
  • the software is webbased and available in German and English


  • Server with shell access and cronjobs
  • Apache with mod_rewrite
  • PHP >= 8.1
  • PHP intl extension INTL_ICU_VERSION >= 50.1
  • PHP bzip2 lib (for automatic database backups)
  • MySQL >= 8.0
  • Node.js and npm >= v7 (installation) developer packages
  • Composer v2 (installation) developer packages
  • Basic understanding of Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and Linux Server administration

Legal information

Before installing don't forget to read the legal information in German or English.

😎 Maintainer

Mario Rothauer started the project in 2014 and maintains it.

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