Open source software for foodcoops
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An easy-to-use open source software for food-coops.

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FoodCoopShop provides plenty of useful functions to help the people running a food-coop. Such as:

  • a user-friendly web shop and admin area for producers
  • fully automated payment system, based on a credit system where the members can upload money
  • different delivery rhythms for products
  • adapting orders in many ways
  • stock management... and much more!

The software can be used with any modern web browser, tablet or smartphone. It's available in German and English.



Since the start of the FoodCoopShop project in 2014 it continues to grow. You can take a look on the planned work for Q4/2018 - v2.3.

Who uses FoodCoopShop?

Legal information

  • Before installing please read the legal information in German or English.


  • Server with root access / sudo and cronjobs
  • Apache with mod_rewrite
  • PHP >= 7.1
  • MySQL >= 5.6
  • Nodejs and npm (installation) developer packages
  • Composer (installation) developer packages
  • Basic understanding of Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and Linux Server administration


  • This is the developers area. If you want to use the software "as is", please follow the installation details in the software documentation. If you have questions or if you want be informed if a new version is released, please drop me an email: (Mario).
  • Basically follow the installation details for setup. But do clone the repository!
  • Before doing any of the configuration changes, follow the steps below
  • If You work on a local machine, do not change the owner of the files to www-data. Instead set permissions as shown below

Install required packages

Install the composer vendors

$ composer install

Install packages from package.json

$ npm --prefix ./webroot install ./webroot

Setting permissions

$ cd /path/to/project
$ chmod a+w -R ./files_private
$ chmod a+w -R ./tmp
$ chmod a+w -R ./webroot/cache
$ chmod a+w -R ./webroot/files
$ chmod a+w -R ./webroot/tmp

Unit Testing

$ vendor/bin/phpunit