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In the News

N * Oh, no! I have a node that hasn't checked in with Chef server for days! Why didn't I know about that? I'll have to start using knife ohno, a knife plugin and now a ruby gem from Mandi Walls. gem install knife-ohno then find any node whose last check-in is more than six hours old using knife ohno 6

B * Asgard: Web-based Cloud Management and Deployments, open-sourced by Netflix, their custom Grails tool for deploying Netflix applications and infrastructure to Amazon. Bryan's opinion: Netflix doesn't use Puppet or Chef because they have essentially written their own CM framework in Groovy.

N * Another interesting post from the Netflix Tech Blog was Netflix Operations: Part I, Going Distributed. This article talks about how they've moved from centralized deployment and operations team to an organization where there responsibilities are distributed throughout the development organization.

B * Berkshelf tool for managing cookbook or an application's cookbook dependencies, from Jamie Winsor and company at RiotGames. Looks quite similar to librarian-chef.

N * Setting up logstash+elasticsearch using Chef and Berkshelf

B * Etsy dashboard source code for Etsy's dashboards framework

N * Velocity, DevOps Days, and Google I/O. Last week was a great conference week for anyone in our community! Chef + Google Compute Engine Opscode named as a partnerfor Google's new cloud computing platform, check out knife-google

B * Puppet Feature #778 extending Puppet via rubygems

N * Tips for Vagrant and Chef from Nick Peirson at Inviqa. Keep Your Base Boxes Up To Date, Vagrantfile - not just static configuration!, knife_ec2 - Not the Sharpest Tool in the Box, Does Your Source Control Match Your Deployed Recipes?

N * An interesting tool that Nick mentioned in the blog post is Health inspector. This is a gem you can install and run to see if your chef repo is in sync with your chef server.

B * Project Glass that is the most exciting thing I have seen in a long-time. What does Project Glass have to do w/ DevOps? Well, behind every mobile technology like this one are a ton of backend services. Who keeps these services running? We do. Operations teams. As people continue to integrate technology into their lives, we are going to have a lot more opportunities and a lot more responsibility.

N * There were some pretty significant issues with the Internet this past week, too. First was a massive thunderstorm system that hit the mid-Atlantic region of the US. This caused service interruptions for some Amazon customers. Amazon has posted a Summary of the AWS Service Event in the US East Region, check the show notes for details. Then, on Saturday, the international time keepers gave everyone an extra second. I live in Annapolis, Maryland and lost power after Friday's storm. My home was without power for about 71 hours and one second.

Cookbook News

N This week we've got a few new cookbooks to cover. The first are from first-time contributors to the community site! Martha Greenberg has published two cookbooks for use with Solaris:

pkgutil v0.0.2 - marthag Martha Greenberg

  • Lightweight resource and provider to manage pkgutil packages for Solaris. It will install, remove, or upgrade packages using pkgutil

zone v0.0.3 - marthag

  • Installs/Configures Solaris zones

B Another first-time contributor this week is David Joos. He's released:

cloudfuse v0.0.1 - djoos David Joos

  • Installs/Configures CloudFuse which can be used to mount Rackspace Cloud Files

B Hey, Nathen, do you find ever find yourself needing to build debian packages?

N Yes, from time-to-time I do. I typically use FPM to build Ruby packages.

B Oh yeah, FPM is great. Everyone should give Jordan Sissel a hug for that one! Of course, FPM isn't the only way to build packages. This week, Maciej Pasternacki brings us two cookbooks that are for building and managing debian packages:

freight v0.1.0 - mpasternacki

  • This cookbook installs Freight, a modern take on the Debian archive.

freightyard v0.1.0 - mpasternacki

  • Configures a builder account for building and hosting deb packages with Freight and Freightyard.

N Next-up in our list of new cookbooks:

interfaces v0.0.1 - captspify Kyel Woodard

  • Installs/Configures the interfaces file using nslookup
  • This is similar to Kyel's netcfg cookbook but this one applies the IP to the default Debian Interfaces file rather than using netcfg.

B Our last new cookbook for this week is avahi-daemon:

avahi-daemon v0.0.10 - jackl0phty

  • Installs/Configures avahi-daemon

Updated Cookbooks

N Lots of cookbooks were updated this week, too. I'll run down the list of them, be sure to check the show notes for links:

httplivestreamsegmenter v0.0.4 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures httplivestreamsegmenter

netcfg v0.0.3 - captspify

  • Installs/Configures netcfg using nslookup

drupal v1.1.0 - mdxp

  • Installs/Configures drupal

nginx-fastcgi v0.0.6 - melezhik

  • create nginx site to run your fastcgi application under nginx frontend

newrelic v0.3.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures New Relic

beanstalkd v0.0.2 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures beanstalkd

graphite_handler v0.0.4 - peter_donald

  • Installs/Configures the Chef graphite handler originally developed by Ian Meyer

artifact v0.10.0 - reset

  • Provides your cookbooks with the Artifact Deploy LWRP

dbench v1.0.1 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs dbench 4.0 from package or source

bind v0.0.5 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs/Configures dns

rbenv v1.3.2 - reset

  • Installs and configures rbenv

linode v1.0.6 - cap10morgan

  • Collection of useful recipes for setting up Linodes

zabbix v0.0.33 - laradji

  • Installs/Configures zabbix Agent/Server

Remember, if you have cookbook news, please send it to us at or get in touch with us on twitter @foodfightshow.

We've got a great Independence Day show for you this week. Free yourself from the bonds of your PaaS provider by rolling your own PaaS. A fun talk with Mark Imbriaco and Alex Howells from LivingSocial!

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