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Please let us know where to find other slides and videos.

Pull Requests are appreciated!

Slides and Videos from ChefConf 2012

  • A Few Words of Encouragement from Artur Bergman video
  • A Gestalt Informant: Chef driven monitoring, metrics and alerting slides, video
  • Abusing databags for fun and profit slides, video
  • Automating Application Configuration blog post
  • Building the Next Big Game video
  • Business Intelligence in the Cloud with Chef video
  • Chef Behind Joyent's Cloud video
  • ChefConf Crowbar Essex and Knife OpenStack video
  • Chefing Your Development Environment (The Pivotal Way) slides, video
  • Choose Your Own Adventure video
  • Cloud Foundry BOSH Where the Platform rubber meets the Infrastructure road slides
  • Concentrated Awesome: Building the HP Cloud video
  • Consistent Local Development with Vagrant and Chef video
  • Cross-node Orchestrations with Chef and Noah slides, video
  • CycleCloud + Chef = 50,000-core Utility Supercomputer for Science video
  • DEVOPS + Chef + Windows at video
  • DevOps isn't just for the Web slides
  • Dreadnot: Chef-powered Deployment Automation video
  • Enough Ruby To Be Dangerous slides, video
  • Fidelity IT's Journey to Cloud and Click2Compute video
  • Five Things You Always Wanted To Know About Chef slides, video
  • How Opscode Migrated Hosted Chef API to Erlang & Changed Databases Without Breaking slides, video
  • Ignite the Chef Community! slides
  • Ignite: Dell Crowbar History video
  • Ironfan: Build a Hadoop Cluster in 20 minutes slides, video
  • Lessons from Etsy: Avoiding Kitchen Nightmares slides, video
  • Logging Patterns with Logstash and Chef slides, video
  • Operations Secret Sauce: Incident Management video
  • Opscode Chef Open Source Visualization w/ Gource video
  • Opscode Chef State of the Union Part 1: Chef, Past and Present video
  • Opscode Chef State of the Union Part 2: Chef, the Future video
  • Q&A With Adam Jacob video
  • Spiceweasel: Your Infrastructure as Code Table of Contents slides, video
  • Surviving Incidents for Ops video
  • Test Driven Development Roundtable video
  • Test-driven Development for Chef Practitioners video
  • The Joy of Cooking - Whip Up a Rails Environment with Chef slides, video
  • Transformation to Continuous Delivery at Ancestry video
  • Using Chef + Amazon Cloud Formation to scale Mint, GoPayment, TurboTax video
  • Using Rundeck and Chef to Build DevOps Toolchains slides, video

Food Fight Show Episodes from ChefConf

Follow-up Community Coverage

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