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Show Ideas

  • Seth Chisamore and Andrew Crump on Kitchen
  • Jason Stowe, HPC in the cloud (BryanWB's top pick)
  • Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon) cuz he's damn smart
  • Chef Executive view(George Moberly/Chris Brown)
  • Advanced Chef: how to make the most out of data_bags, roles, environments, lwrps, libraries, and search
  • More Object-Oriented Design and Chef -- build on earlier interview w/ Nikolay Sturm
  • Chef Best Practices (jtimberman, fnichol, +windows dude?) -- How can we sum up what a n00b should know in 60 mins?
  • Talk w/ Kevin Smith and Seth Falcon about roadmap for chef-server, esp. transition to Erlang and mysql/postgresql
  • The author of the foodcritic gem, Andrew Crump
  • Perhaps someone from Heroku to talk about their use of Chef
  • One of the Mercado Libre guys to talk about their use of open source Chef Server and OpenStack for the 6th largest retail site in the world --> Leandro Reox and/or Alejandro Comisario
  • Messaging and orchestration talk, or “do we really need mcollective?” (Adam Jacob + Ranjib Dey would be a good guests for that)
  • Noah Kantrowitz and Andrea Campi on PyChef and Application cookbooks refactor
  • Joshua Timberman on maintaining the cookbook repos
  • Seth Chisamore/John Keiser on Windows support (and Paula Deen)
  • Monitoring sucks - panel of sysadmins, what monitoring tools do u use? what do u like about them? hate?
  • Sensu w/ Alex Porter
  • Webservers and reverse proxies, general talk about webservers and the quality of the cookbooks for them, and SSL management
  • Databases and related cookbooks
  • High Availability and related cookbooks
  • Zookeeper
  • chef and ci -- pennyworth, travis ci,
  • Full Stack Awareness w/ @crucially (Artur Bergman)
  • Matthias Meyer - chef, riak, travis awesomeness
  • Mitchell Hashimoto on using Vagrant w/ cheff
  • Patrick Debois DevOps Days, Veewee, etc.
  • R.I. Pienaar to talk about MCollective
  • Adam Jacob: origins of Chef, founding of Opscode
  • Chris Brown: Opscode CTO, Amazon, Microsoft, road map
  • Anthony Goddard Chef @ Woods Hole
  • Joyent - talk about SmartOS, Illumos, and their infrastructure - ben rockwood
  • Bryan Cantrill on SmartOS and Illumos
  • Filesystems
  • Backup
  • Mark Imbriaco, VP, Technical Ops at @LivingSocial.
  • Boyd Hemphill - Database Eye for the DevOps Guy, what sysadmins should know about databases
  • anyone from Heroku, Rightscale or Engine Yard who can talk about Chef in their PaaS
  • Dan Nemec on application management w/ Chef
  • Tod Hoff, the guy who runs
  • Interview Vivek Gite, guy who manages nixCraft, one of the best and longest running sysadmin blogs
  • Inside Sonian, talk w/ Pete Cheslock and Alex Porter how operations are run at Sonian
  • At home with Heroku, how heroku manages their ops, w/ Jason Dixon (obfuscurity) + ops manager?
  • Pete Fritchman petef, of logstash fame his presentation at piccl conf
  • Mitchellh and pdebois on vagrant 2.0
  • Atlassian ops team
  • Jamie Winsor and Riot Games team on Berkshelf and other topics
  • Matthias Meyer and John Allspaw on resilience engineering
  • How github does it, talk w/ ops team at github @wfarr, @jnewland, @rodjek, and @tmm1
  • to zsh or not to zsh? talk about the best shell, best terminal emulator, editor, markup format, etc.
  • The best unix tools, talk about grep, find, top, atop, htop, xargs, gnu parallel, and best way to use them, could have Adam on the show and call it "Adam Jacob wants to Awk your Grep"
  • Talk w/ Derek Collison, current Apcera ceo and one of leading cloudfoundry devs, about the future of iaas, paas, and golang


  • librarian w/ yfeldblum DONE
  • foodcritic
  • graphite and graphing
  • logstash
  • graylog2
  • cucumber
  • spice
  • awesome knife plugins
  • advanced knife usage
  • pry - try #pry on and look for horseman
  • chef + jenkins


  • bag_config and runlist_modifiers with Chris Roberts
  • librarian w/ yfeldblum
  • bag_config and runlist_modifiers with Chris Roberts
  • Someone from Opscode Support (Steve Danna?), the wiki and how keep users happy
  • Etsy Examined: in-depth examination of how the best do their business. guest => John Cowie
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