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  • Matt
  • Theo


  • Tell us about yourself
  • You have a reputation for strong opinions, backed up with results, tell us about your successes/failures
  • You've grown your hair out, hard to recognize you now ** "I'm testing combinatoric possibilities with hair and facial hair styles."


  • Web Application Development, Database Services & Support company
  • Is there a "go-to" stack for customers you start with?
  • LAMP? It seems there's a lot of experience on staff for that? ** MySQL vs. PostgreSQL? ** tried and true technology that just needs proper engineering? ** do you frequently evaluate new technology, or wait for it to shake itself out?
  • OmniTI Process Understand the business Define objectives Perform analysis Achieve goals


  • Why another monitoring tool?
  • How does Circonus work?
  • Monitoring sucks, how does Circonus fix that?
  • How easy is it to / how does one get started with Circonus?
  • Reconnoiter vs. Circonus - Can I run Circonus myself?
  • Alerting - does Circonus integrate with the PagerDuty API?
  • How active a community is there around Reconoitter? ** Distro support for reconnoiter?
  • What is the design philosophy of Reconnoiter? ** ( What's wrong with round robin databases? ) ** ( How much is too much data? ) ** ( How important is Service Oriented Architecture? ) ** ( Are APIs important?)


  • What, when, where is Surge? ** Scalability & Performance Conference ** Sometimes described as a more intimate, less marketing-driven Velocity East? ** No browser-performance angle?
  • Why did you start Surge? Why is it in Baltimore?
  • Who's speaking at Surge this year?
  • Why should I come to Surge?
  • How do you differentiate Surge?
  • How much of it is still driven by OmniTI, versus other companies?


  • Why build your own OS?
  • Do you intend for it to be a general purpose server OS, is this something you expect wide usage of?
  • Why should I consider moving to OmniOS?
  • What are the most interesting parts of OmniOS?
  • Who's using OmniOS in production?
  • How active a community is there around OmniOS?
  • How close were you to naming it TheOS?

Scalable Internet Architectures

  • You've written about many things including the career of Web Operations. What is required for one to move from apprentice to master?
  • Anything you've seen since that makes you want to put out a new edition?
  • Other books on the horizon?
  • You're highly respected as a system administrator, what do you think about that?

fq and message queuing

  • What does the abbreviation stand for?
  • why did you create fq? Didn't you get the memo that 0mq is the future?
  • what makes fq so fast?
  • Will messaging become increasingly important for sysadmins?

Other topics

  • Were you born w/ a beard? Did it itch?
  • You've worked with lots of organizations in this space...what are some things that everyone gets wrong?
  • How do you see the Web Operations discipline evolving over the next 3-5 years?
  • At ChefConf, Adam said they're working on bottling you into a bunch of Chef recipes. How's that work going?
  • What do you use on your desktop?







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Until next time, Keep It Hot!


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