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Delicacy: How to Succeed in DevOps without really trying Show Date: Tuesday May 22, 15:15 EDT



  • How to succeed in DevOps without really trying - a chat with Dave Zwieback (@davezwieback), Head of Systems at Knewton.
  • The success of DevOps (either in your org, or the movement as a whole) requires, above all, tech generalists.
  • They are rare. How do we find them in an industry (and culture) which mostly values and rewards specialists? How do we build orgs that attract and nurture generalists? And, on an individual level, how does one follow the way of the generalist? ;)
  • what will happen to technical specialists, i.e. technicians? what will happen to the storage administrator? the network administrator? The Cisco CCIEs and RHCEs?
  • What does it mean to be a generalist? what skills does one need and how long does it take?
    • how much math and what math?
    • how much statistics? Do sysadmins need to learn R?
    • how much computer science, whether at school or self taught?
    • Knowledge of protocols, filesystems, hardware?
    • how critical is Chef or another configuration management system to this portfolio?
    • Have to know other stuff? like inventory management, basic accounting, budgeting?
    • how many years of experience does one need to be considered a technology generalist? 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?
    • what will happen to sysadmins who lack these skills?
  • Let's Talk $$$$

    • How much do these technology generalists earn and where do they have to go?
    • Do technology generalists have to move to NYC or SV or can they work remotely?
    • Is there a lot of demand for such technology generalists?
    • How is performance measured? Regardless of how much an individual is paid, there are always questions like "how well is so-and-so doing his job?"
    • What does the career path look like?
    • What about process? Do Tech Generalists need to know ITIL, Prince2, PMBOK, CMMI?
  • How would someone new to our field get started on the path to becoming a technology generalist?


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