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Show Date: Wednesday, 6 June 2012



  • Introduction
  • What's Cookin'
  • Testing Tools and Process
  • Close

Testing Tools and Process


Brought to you by...

Why don't you introduce yourselves.

  • Eric
  • Fletcher

Who are you? Where are you working? How can people get in touch with you?

Tools & Frameworks

Frameworks fall into three basic categories

  • pre-converge
  • pseudo-converge
  • post-converge

Brief intro / overview of the tools available

  • foodcritic
  • ChefSpec
  • minitest-chef-handler
  • cucumber-chef
  • what else?

ChefConf Hackday

  • What did you do?
  • How did it work?
  • Which tools did you use?
  • What did you learn?

After ChefConf

  • How have you applied what you learned?

  • What have you changed?

  • Fletcher, you've done some testing with your users cookbook....walk us through that.

  • CI and keeping your repo in-sync with the server. What's your workflow

  • Getting started

    • I'm not doing any testing of my cookbooks, where should I start?

Not directly related to Chef, but if there's time maybe Fletcher can give a brief intro to minitest-capistrano


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