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Welcome to the Food Fight Show!

I'm Bryan Berry @bryanwb on twitter

and I'm Nathen Harvey @nathenharvey on twitter.

While you're on Twitter updating you followers, be sure to follow @foodfightshow!

We've got a great show for you today talking about #monitoringsucks with @lusis and @patrickdebois.

Before we get to the show, let's jump in to "What's Cookin'" your source for all the latest Chef news and Cookbook updates!

In the News

Cookbook Updates

spice v1.0.0 - danryan

  • A zesty Chef server API wrapper that lets you easily integrate your apps with a Chef server. Spice provides support for the Chef API and has recently undergone a complete rewrite!
  • Returned results are now full interactive objects and not just hashes. Create, update, and destroy resources with an ORM-like interface.
  • Note: this version of Spice is a major version bump, which means it is not backwards-compatible with previous versions.

minitest-handler v0.0.10 - btm

pxe_dust v1.2.4 - opscode

  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04, aka Precise Pangolin support

easyapache v0.0.3 - bobloblaw

  • Chef cookbook for orchestration of easyapache upgrades for cPanel

smbfs v0.2.0 - peter_donald

  • Installs/Configures smbfs and adds mount points according to data driven pattern

More Cookbook Updates

Here's a list of other cookbooks that were updated recently:

Now with TravisCI & Foodcritic...

Bryan, have you noticed the recent trend with adding TravisCI build status widgets to a cookbook's README? Most of them are using TravisCI to run Foodcritic tests. About 30% of the cookbooks we've mentioned today have TravisCI integration. I think you recently set this up for the minitest-handler cookbook. How difficult was it?

MVT: Foodcritic and TravisCI

Do you have cookbook news that you'd like to share or feedback on the show? Please drop a line to

Great show today talking about monitoring with Patrick Debois, Jon Vincent, and Matt Ray. Let's get to the show!