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Foomo web framework

Welcome to foomo

“Stuff we wrote, because nobody else wanted to”

Foomo is an open source organisation of bestbytes.

There is a growing amount of documentation on

Who is this for?

Developers, who build:

  • cloud native applications, that will run on kubernetes or another container orchestration
  • Next.js frontends with TypeScript
  • Services with Go

To get an overview of our stack goto

frontend developers

  • use gotsrpc clients to call Go services

backend developers

  • write rpc services with gotsrpc and
    • expose them to other Go services
    • expose them to TypeScript consumers
    • consume other Go services


  • build and orchestrate services in your k8s cluster with squadron

Contentful devs

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  1. Prometheus pagespeed exporter

    Go 195 28

  2. simplecert Public

    golang autocert library for letsencrypt

    Go 181 22

  3. htpasswd Public

    golang htpasswd utilities

    Go 39 21

  4. shop Public

    generic ecommerce core framework

    Go 19 4


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