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Pinning Jinja to <2.9 for now

Variables defined in an outer scope can no longer be set from an inner scope (see
pallets/jinja#641). Regardless of whether that is right or wrong, we can't control if
people are using such constructs in their plugins, which versions of Jinja >= 2.9 would
now break out of the blue, regardless of OctoPrint version. That is unacceptable sadly
and requires pinning for now, until plugin authors have had a chance to adapt

Also see #1697.
1 parent 7f5d03d commit 101471235cc6923709b5e99d927ae21b07a8c029 @foosel committed Jan 9, 2017
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@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@
# Requirements for our application
+ "Jinja2>=2.8,<2.9", # Jinja 2.9 has breaking changes WRT template scope - we can't
+ # guarantee backwards compatibility for plugins and such with that
+ # version, hence we need to pin to a lower version for now. See #1697
"tornado==4.0.2", # pinned for now, we need to migrate to a newer tornado, but due
# to some voodoo needed to get large streamed uploads and downloads

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